Understated elegance: how to get the look


Understated Elegance

If I had an unlimited budget, I’d decorate my home in a style of understated elegance.  The elegance would come from exquisitely designed and crafted furnishings, textiles, wall treatments, and surfaces.  A girl can dream right?

understated elegance

The quality of this cabinetry and hardware is likely top shelf.  But what I really love is that the aesthetic is clean, not fussy or overly elaborate.

understated elegance

Another minimalist kitchen but constructed in amazing finishes and materials.  Yes please!

understated elegance

Forget about the kitchen, the chairs themselves are works of art, and I would love to have that table in my dining room!

understated elegance

THAT light fixture? Do I need to say more?

understated elegance

So this is probably my favorite example.  How gorgeous is that chest of drawers.  And so unassuming in the corner, until you notice it!

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