5 decor tips for creating the perfect home chill out space


If you went clubbing in the 90s, you might recall the chill out room — a soft-lit sanctuary where you could cool off from the exertions of the dancefloor and meditate for a few minutes.

They’ve all but disappeared to maximise venue capacities, but this type of cathartic space shouldn’t be lost in the mists of a misspent youth — it’s reasonably easy to recreate a calming area in the comfort of your own home.

If you want to reserve an area exclusively for relaxing and unwinding, here are five decor tips for creating the perfect home chill out space.

  1. Day bed

home chill out space

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When there’s a window in your home that offers a scenic view of the outside world, it’s a shame not to maximise its potential.

So installing a day bed from household specialists Ikea is the ideal solution — this item can be used as a sofa, as a spot to gaze out the window while daydreaming or converted into a bed to snuggle up at any time of the day.

And when guests visit, it’ll act as a useful spare bed — provided you’re willing to give up your special space for the duration.

  1. Reading nook

home chill out space

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With a comfy chair, small side desk and standard lamp, you can create a cosy reading nook in the corner of a large room or under a staircase.

But for a little more privacy, it’s possible to install book shelves and a cushioned seating platform in an alcove — or to treat yourself to a mini-library complete with sofas, wall-to-ceiling shelving and a fireplace.

To preserve the ambience, it’s probably wise to ban TVs and electronic devices so that you can completely immerse yourself in the world of words.

  1. Planetarium

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Gazing skywards at the celestial bodies on a clear night can reduce your worries to a manageable scale — but it often gets too chilly to stay for long, or the view’s spoiled by cloud cover.

However, a star theatre planetarium from Firebox beams a beautifully realistic image of the night sky onto your home ceiling — complete with real constellations and even shooting stars.

Its powerful LED lights project 60,000 stars from the unit and watching them sparkle has a natural soporific effect.

  1. Turntable

    home chill out space
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Music has a powerful effect on emotions — so listening to familiar sounds through speakers or headphones is one of the quickest ways to alter your mindset.

And many music lovers prefer the warm, organic sounds of vinyl to CDs — so a streamlined bamboo turntable from House of Marley might be a wise investment for your meditative area.

Sticking on your favourite album whilst reading a beloved book will help you feel much more centred and chilled.

  1. Mathome chill out space

It’s important that your physical and emotional environment remains balanced, clean and serene.

So buying a personalised floor mat from The Mat Factory serves a dual purpose — it allows you to wipe the dirt from your feet and symbolically ditch the mental detritus that prevents you entering a state of calm contemplation.

Make sure any guests wipe their feet too — otherwise they’ll throw your carefully curated environment off-kilter.

So there are five decor tips for creating the perfect home chill out space — get ready to be cool and composed much more often.

Thanks to Kevin Fullerton  for collaborating on this post!

Do you have a home chill out area? Share your decorating tips in the comments section.


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