Decorating on a Tight Budget? Try these secrets!


Interior design can be very expensive. Even while redecorating a single room, costs always add up quickly. Our mind begins buzzing with questions. Do I want to buy carpeting or should I install hardwood? What paint color should I choose? How much of paint will I need to cover this space? Do I have to buy new furniture? Do I have to get after hour emergency electricians? Not only these questions can make things difficult, the idea of purchasing all such items can be quite overwhelming. This is why to ease your worries, we have developed this post for you. Learn our secrets and easily decorate your house while being on a budget.

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Prior Planning

Proper planning is vital for any home improvement project when working on a tight budget. You don’t want yourself in a situation where you find the perfect couch only to find out that you don’t have enough money in your account.

Before you begin, find your design inspiration. You can do this by looking at magazines and searching on the internet. Then, break down the project into its components such as furniture, flooring, paint, accessories, and interior décor. You need to browse stores and get a solid idea on the cost of the components. Then check your budget and see what suits you best.

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Repurpose You Possessions

Repurposing old design elements can never be exciting as installing new pieces. But, it can definitely save you a lot of money. All you need is a bit of elbow grease and some good investment in free time, and you can totally transform the outlook of any part of your interior design.

Look around and ponder which items you can repurpose. Think whether you really need all those new kitchen cabinets or just getting them refaced would be a good idea? See whether there are hardwood floors underneath your current carpeting? Think whether you can freshen up your old bedroom suit just by fashioning it a new coat of paint. These are just small things that can really help you in the long run. They can also save you a good amount of money.

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Anchoring room with furniture

Working with a tight budget is always about prioritizing spending. Working with limited resources means you have to spend your money where you will receive the most value for it. In interior design, this means dedicating a major portion of your budget to furniture.

Furniture will likely last for years so it’s good to spend on the quality items. If you already have furniture you can also repaint it or polish it and make it new again. Furniture is not cheap so you will be spending quite some money on it. We advise you to invest wisely.

Furniture draws eyes towards itself. If you are investing in good furniture items, you don’t have to do much decor as it will take care of 80% of your interior décor if done creatively. After this is done, you’ll only have to add minor touches to pull the room together.

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