Bright interiors: how natural light energizes a room


Light and Bright interiors

Bright interiors are beautiful interiors! There is nothing like natural light.  Natural light has the power to completely energize and change the mood of a room.  When we were house shopping, one of the first elements of a home I’d look for was natural light.  I’d pay attention to window quantity, size, placement, and any exterior overhang.  One of the best home improvements we ever made was replacing our small rancher living room window with a full length window.  Believe it or not, ever since enlarging that window and knocking out a dividing wall, I no longer need to use my light therapy lamp in the winter.

Below are some example rooms that I though demonstrated the beauty and transformative power of natural light.

bright interiors natural light bedroom

What a treat to wake up with the morning light streaming in.  A simple white curtain allows the filtered light through and allows for privacy at night.

bright interiors natural light living room Gorgeous interior shutters can be opened all the way, and don’t impede any light from entering through the beautiful tall windows.

bright interiors natural light loft

Lofts take the cake for bright interiors.  Open concept layouts, high ceilings, and lots of windows make the most of natural light.

bright interiors natural light kitchen

This dining room makes the most of morning light and would make a great place to wake up to coffee and croissants.

bright interiors natural light living room

High ceilings and strategically placed mirrors are two well-known advocates of natural light.

all images via Disc Journal


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