Proof wall to wall carpeting can be gorgeous

Growing up in an old farmhouse, we always had hardwood floors, so it would be hard for me to go to carpet I think.  That being said, wall to wall carpet does have it’s advantages.  Nothing beats it’s coziness underfoot, and when you have an infant who spends his day on the floor, under butt.  Also, if you live in a rental, wall to wall carpeting might be what your stuck with.  So fear not, or rejoice – wall to wall carpeting can be just as gorgeous as hardwood floors.

Wall to wall sisal carpet paired with the black walls looks so sophisticated!

If I were to ever go the carpet route I would want something with a modern texture in a neutral shade.

In this neutral bedroom the carpeting adds another layer of rich texture.

Loving these grays with the pops of yellow.

How dreamy and lush is this dressing room walk-in closet with diamond patterned carpet?


Pretty pretty gold bamboo bed frame with a minimal geometric patterned carpet in gray keeps things crisp.


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