REAL stylish and beautiful small homes – no professional styling or decorating


When you see a home featured in a magazine or online, inspiring as it may be, they are almost always styled and propped for the shoot.  The magazine and photography team often brings some decor items and props and a stylist will literally make the home picture perfect. One reason I always loved Apartment Therapy was that it features homes of readers that haven’t had a professional come in and perfect the space for the pages of a magazine.

The home below is an adorable New Orleans cottage.  Another great thing about the homes and apartments on Apartment Therapy is they aren’t usually 6,000 square foot estates.  The one below is 1,400.

I love the antique style furniture with the modern pendant.

Check out the bold wallpaper in the hall – I love it.

The mostly white master bedroom is a wonderfully girly retreat.

The marble mixed with the wood floors is so pretty.

The shelves across the window are a great way to make more space.
See the rest of the home here.

A lot of people are against putting the TV above the fireplace, but in a small living room it’s often your only option.  I’ve gotten used to seeing it and it doesn’t really bother me.

The soft gray of this kitchen and dining area is perfect.

See all of this San Francisco apartment.

The home below is in Cambridge, MA.  I love that it’s quaint and minimally accessorized but still so warm.

See the full house tour.

Do you prefer seeing real unstyled homes or the ones in magazines?


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