Make Do with A Small Closet

Most of us dream of large walk in closets with plenty of hang up space, storage, places for our shoes and bags. In reality, we mostly live with small closets! Here’s a few tips to help you make do with that small closet and keep on loving that home you live in.
How to Build a Closet to Give You More Storage.  She makes it look easy (and I love the closet organizer):
Never doubt the power of a built in. Utilizing a storage space in between hang up can also help the floor clutter! It can define separate spaces for shirts, pants, and dresses and also give you some much needed drawers. 
Get out all the unnecessary junk from the closet! If it’s not clothing related get it out! If you have spot to put jackets and shoes, don’t put shoes in your closet. If you can find a different place to put bags and belts, get them out too! Limit what you put in there.
Most under the bed solutions are not suitable for every day use and are not the best at storing things either! This one may change your mind. Easy to get to, on wheels so you can pull it out, and drawers for wonderful storage solutions!
Keep it clean. If you buy a new outfit, consider putting an older one you haven’t worn away. Keeping your closet less cluttered will make you love it more!
Look for storage in unexpected places! A chest or a shelf under the stairs would be a great place for shoes. Especially if it’s close to the door. They are more likely to be put away and less dirt tracked around the house.
How do you handle small closets?


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