Buying Handmade

These days it’s all about buying handmade and supporting the small businesses. I absolutely love it and enjoy finding unique home decor items to fit my home.

There are so many reasons why I would choose handmade over store bought. It is truly one of a kind because it’s not mass produced, each item is completely unique.
But even better than that is knowing that you are supporting someone who has dedicated their lives to making these beautiful unique things.
I recently was introduced to this beautiful group of artists called Ephraim Pottery who brought all of their skills together to create these beautiful works of art.
“We are motivated by ideals from the past that have taken on new significance in our modern world. We see a return to working together/collaboration; hand-crafting beautiful objects that have longevity; and taking notice of the small details in the natural world as lifestyle values that have important implications for the ways we live now and in the future.” – Ephraim Pottery
Seeing a group of artists coming together and providing each of their best skills to create a piece of art that brings joy really resonates with me. 
Let’s keep this movement on the rise and take the time to appreciate the handmade community who are changing the way we buy art and home decor. Check out Ephraim Pottery to find all the pieces pictured above and learn more about the artists and what they do.


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