Smart Home Designs


Upgrading your home has always been a toss on whether you want to do something just for the joy of having it done the way you always wanted it to and what has the best resale value. These days it seems like many of us don’t stay in one place very long so it doesn’t seem smart to invest much into it when you won’t be able to enjoy it for what it’s worth.

Here are a few home designs for those of you who are like me, and plan on being around for a while! Why not enjoy it?

- Master Bathroom Pictures From HGTV Smart Home 2014 on HGTV ~~ Yes, that's a TV in the shower!!!!
via hgtv
This technology upgraded bathroom is not only gorgeous but it’s pretty impressive with all it’s extra perks!
Add something completely unique! This drop down bed makes this small square footage double.
- Laundry Room Pictures From HGTV Smart Home 2014 on HGTV. Pet bed area perfect for my kitty litter box.
via hgtv
Need a pet friendly space that can tuck away when needed? These features in the laundry room make it very pet friendly without stealing much needed space.
Serene and hardworking: Really, what more could you want in a family home? Lilli Lee's is a treasure chest of smart storage and soothing style. Take the tour and grab some tips for your own place.
Don’t be afraid to go all out on storage space. Make it look great, especially if you know you will be using it on a daily basis. 
If you had the extra funds, which room would you go all out on?


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