Bookshelves aren’t just for books!


I love finding a creative way to use new things. In this case, using bookshelves for different purposes! Who wouldn’t wan’t a bookshelf full of shoes!?

Love this!! Shoes, bags and jewelry would work in this...10 Clever and Easy Ways to Organize Your Shoes
Want an island but don’t have room for the traditional size? Grab a bookcase and a wood top! A skinny island that stores necessities so you won’t even have to walk away from it while you are cooking!
Have a wood burning stove? Stack your wood and let it be part of the home decor! 
Woodstoves: Keeping You Warm as Leaves and Temperatures Fall
Maybe you are an indoor plant person, this next one will fit in your home for sure! 
Maybe use the metal shelving in the sunroom instead of the basement- use a dark, powdered finish and have nice wood shelves cut to fit. #makeitwork
Mix up your bookshelves and find new uses for them, you might be surprised at what you come up with!


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