Gallery Wall In The Making

Guest Post via The Underestimated Mom
I have always been a huge fan of gallery walls and now that I finally own a house, I have been planning and decorating each room little by little and I am finally getting to my first gallery wall. My favorite ones are the mixed media styles, with canvas, frames, wood, a letter, and a sentimental item.
Really like some of the elements used in this photo/wall collage.
via liluna
My daughter’s room has been a slow work in progress. With my office/craft room being first priority so I could get back on track with working, then having a baby kind of put a wrench in Emma’s room design, but it’s finally here! We got all of her furniture in and put together, the paint purchased, and I’ve slowly been buying decorative items!
My first purchase for the gallery wall was this canvas picture of my daughter. Its a large 20″x16″ and I’m glad I got that size because it looks so tiny above her headboard. Now I just need to decide if I want it above her bed or her dresser. 

To go with the canvas I got a wooden E, the box white frames you see above that I’m going to put black & white scrap book paper behind, and a word collage from etsy that I need a black frame for! I also have a few other pictures on standby to fill in any gaps. The one thing I’m missing is a sentimental item!
Here’s a closer look at the canvas I got. I am so impressed with the quality of it and plan on buying another one for Payton’s room!

Where do you think it should go, above the dresser or the bed?


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