Going Grey


There’s something to be said about the color grey, especially in a home setting. It isn’t too feminine and it isn’t to masculine. You can pair it with almost any color, and it leaves such a crisp clean look to it!  I’m a long-time fan, hubby is a little harder to convince.  He thinks it’s boring…sigh…

In most cases, it goes great with keeping a room light and bright!
Style Me Pretty

via Pinterest via How To Decorate

Grey can be very romantic and calming in the bedroom. I can imagine this is a such a soothing environment to fall asleep in.

Love the dark brown and gray
via Pinterest via My House My Home

via Pinterest via Apartment Therapy

From elegant to cozy, it’s amazing how versatile it can be, so if you are struggling finding that perfect color for your space, you may be surprised at what grey might do for you room!


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