Must Haves for My Desk


It doesn’t matter how many times I clean off my desk and try to remove the clutter, there are always some desk must haves that stick around. Here are a few of my essentials to keep me going:

Lepo urejena mizica pripomore k produktivnejšemu delu (edino, če nisi moje sorte, ker potrebujem kreativen nered za ustvarjanje ;)
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A cute pencil/pen holder is a must have. I need easy access to write or sketch out my thoughts and something simple like this is a perfect match for my desk. 
Personalized Notebook  V Stripe  Choose your by LetterLoveDesigns, .00  1. Colour of the stripe (pictured in black)  BLACK  2. Choice of personalization  LCJ   3. Colour of the personalization (pictured in brass)  BRASS  4. Choice of blank or lined pages (on the right hand side) BLANK
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Although I love sticky notes, sometimes the clutter of sticky notes everywhere gets on my last nerves! Having on spot to jot all my notes down is much easier for me, especially when I can close the notebook for the day and have a pretty cover to look at!
With most of my schedule and events kept in google calendar it’s not as necessary for me to have a place to write down what I need to do on a calendar but I love having one to look at just as a reference. I think sometime’s I’d be lost if I didn’t have a calendar staring at me!
Pretty desk decor
And last but not least, I need something pretty to look at! Since I spend most of my days at my desk, I need it to be a spot that I love to be at. Sometimes it’s a picture, a plant, or even something as simple as a fun lamp. Anything to make me smile while I’m in the middle of working. I always have pictures of the pups in my life on pretty gold frames on my desk. You never know where your inspiration will come from.

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The desk itself matters too.  I like a lot of clear surface space.

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What are your must-haves for your desk?


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