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Between tax season and spring cleaning, I’ve been trying to plan how I’m going to reorganize and clean out my office to make it a little bit more functional and pleasing to the eye. Here are some looks I’ve been loving

beautiful cabinet with sliding glass doors Live Simply by Annie

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Loving this cabinet/bookshelf. Use matching decorative boxes or baskets to store receipts, paperwork and office supplies that you don’t use on a daily basis.

room15 I like theses drawers for the office

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Labeled drawers are a great way to keep your supplies and items organized. I love the simple look of the picture above and the labels are barely noticeable so they don’t take away from the piece of furniture. The large drawers are great for keeping papers flat and not bent or rumpled.

Shop Talk: Alex & Liz’s Office Tour | theglitterguide.com

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A simple open shelving bookcase with a few baskets might do the trick for you! This can give you great places to add a little decor as well as store items. I actually have this same shelving unit in my office and love it.

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Keeping everything I need to get my task complete close by is key for me to stay productive.

I love a good inspiration board as long as it’s kept somewhat tidy! Mine can get a bit cluttered and then I find them distracting…
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Collections and archives are great as long as you are able to keep them grouped together and orderly.
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