Beautiful Christmas tree inspiration with Treetopia!


There’s not many things that make your home prettier and cozier than a Christmas tree during the holidays.  This will be Chris and my first Christmas in our new home, and what better way to bring in the season then a tree?  Luckily, I was introduced to Treetopia, a company that makes ASTONISHINGLY realistic faux trees, as well as wreaths and garlands.  I chose the Brooklyn LED Spruce tree, and it’s gotten nothing but complements so far.

I even put together a little video so you can watch the entire process of me setting it up:

Looks pretty easy right?!

As promised, here are some shots of our finished tree, along with some close-ups so you can see for yourself how realistic it is.

The folks at Treetopia gave me a little survey to fill out, which I’m sharing below.  I’d love to hear some of your answers to these questions!

How did you get your start? 
I was looking for ideas to decorate my studio apartment. I used as blog as a means to store all my ideas and other people started coming across it, and it just grew!
Favorite place to be for the holidays? 
On my parent’s farm by the fire.
What are your favorite holiday traditions? 
Staying in and watching old Christmas movies with my mom and sisters.
How do you describe your holiday decorating style? 
Simple, but warm and cozy.
Favorite Holiday Food? 
My mom’s lemon sweet breads!
Best Holiday Indulgence? 
Also my mom’s lemon sweet breads!
Best Holiday Gift Ever Received? 
Managing to get my 3 sisters and I all together, even if only for an evening once a year!
Regifting – okay or not okay? 
Okay!  If you know the recipient will truly love it than giving it a new home and keeping one more thing out of a landfill or the attic is a good thing!
What is your favorite piece of holiday décor and why? 
My wooden nativity. It was passed down from my grandmother.
What are your favorite places to get holiday design inspiration? 
Other blogs.
What is the most over-the-top holiday design you’ve seen? 
Yards filled with inflatable seasonal characters.
Any holiday decorating tips you’d like to share? 
Sticking to a color scheme can really make your decor look chic and not just hodgepodge.
Mind sharing with us what you’ll be doing for your home this Christmas?
My future in-laws are coming over, and we will also be heading to my parent’s farm for Christmas brunch.
Don’t forget to check out Treetopia!


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