Quick tips for making over your home office


For those of us who work from home its important to have a dedicated work space, but making it look amazing often gets pushed down on the priority list because clients come first! Here are a few tips that should only take a minimal amount of time to make your office a bit more easy on the eyes

Location: Your home office needs space. Without space you aren’t going to be able to focus on the task at hand. It doesn’t have to be a huge space but it does need to be a defined work space. If you’re really short on time, expert organizer Molly Boren of Chicago-based Simplicity Works says to “define the space if possible: maybe with a curtain or even a rug, the way you would define another activity’s zone within the living space.” This works even if you don’t have an entire room to set aside. There shouldn’t be anything else in that office except for what you need to work. My “sewing nook” is just a secretary desk in the dining room. You’d never know it was there until I put the top down!

Lighting! Overhead lighting is extremely fatiguing on the eyes, and personally sometimes I feel like I can feel it sucking the life and energy out of me like a UFO sucking me into it’s spacecraft. Under cabinet and task lighting is crucial and quick to set up. Experiment with different wattage light bulbs until you find what works best for you.

Change your perspective.  Literally.  I found I could focus better when my desk was not facing a wall.  You may be different.  Only when you are comfortable will you be able to focus.  Move your desk and see if your productivity improves within a few days.  If it doesn’t, reposition and try again.

Storage and desk surface are two workspace elements that are really important to me.  These changes may take a little longer to employ, but you can’t really work without them. Having cabinets and drawers really keeps the clutter off the desk and gives you a more relaxed feel to your day. Desk surface space is something I simply can’t skimp on. Give yourself enough space to spread out your work instead of being cramped up and unable to visually breathe. If you are looking for great desk cabinet and counter top ideas, Corian has some beautiful options. Some storage options, like desk height filing cabinets or bookcases can double as extra desk space and allows you to keep your office better organized. I have trouble sitting down to work if my desk surface is cluttered.

Creativity. Feel like there is no room for an office in your home? Makeover a closet! This can be done in a weekend.  Turn your closet into a working office and when you need tuck it away you can just close the doors and it’s back to the room it was before! This may take a little more creativity, but it can make a huge difference in a small home.

Authenticity. The most important thing about a home office is making sure it inspires you. It has to be a space that you love in order for it to work. Having a space that is yours with your style can really improve your mood as well as your work! Have fun with it!

Another great resource I always turn to is the 2009 Decorology post, A Room of One’s Own – Creating Your Creative Space

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