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Since people seem to become more and more interested in smaller homes, whether for downsizing reasons, keeping utility costs low, etc., it’s also becoming important to decorate your space in a way that maximizes your square footage.  As my fiance and I are looking at homes, all of which are teeny tiny (about 2 bedroom, and 1 full bath), we’ve noticed clever ways some people are putting all the amenities of a full bath into what was traditionally the powder room.  These small, full-amenity baths, or Cloakroom suites, as they’re referred to in the UK have become an increasingly popular bathroom trend in recent years, with more and more people keen to create a smaller second bathroom.

Keep in mind it’s not actually light colors that make a space look larger – it’s a lack of contrast that keeps a space looking airy…

There are a number of techniques available to ensure that you do not have to sacrifice the luxuriousness of your bathroom due to the lack of space on offer. Many of these choices revolve around bathing options, with shower baths a particularly popular option for those with a smaller bathroom.

A shower bath ensures that every bathing option remains available to you, while freeing up enough space in the suite for other essentials such as the toilet and a bathroom basin. There are several different choices of shower baths available, meaning you can be sure that your shower bath matches the overall style of your bathroom suite.

This tub is narrow, but deep (which I think is actually better than the shallow, wide tub most of us have…), and it saves space!

I am an avid bath taker, so I can’t imagine only having a shower.  Even if it meant my toilet would only have an inch between the sides of it and the sides of the tub!

If you are planning on a small downstairs bathroom, cloakroom suites could be the ideal choice. A cloakroom suite is a bathroom significantly reduced in size, usually containing only the absolute essentials. While you would not usually include any form of bathing option in a cloakroom suite, they can ensure that your main bathroom is left free, ideal for busy households where several people live together.

A cloakroom suite is also ideal if you often have guests over, providing them with access to a bathroom without the need for them to feel like they are intruding by venturing upstairs. Cloakroom suites are therefore the ideal accompaniment to your main bathroom, with many extremely helpful functions.

Not only does this small bathroom have a shower, it also has a mini soaking tub!

In addition to a shower bath, a corner bath can also help to save a great deal of space within a bathroom. By dedicating your bath to a single corner of the bathroom, a significant amount of space is saved and can be filled with additional bathroom necessities. As with shower baths, these corner baths come in a range of different styles and designs, meaning the overall theme of your bathroom will not be impacted.

Bathroom furniture can also help to create the illusion of space and prevent your bathroom from appearing cluttered and untidy. As well as covering up unsightly pipework which may be present, this bathroom furniture also creates a great deal of additional storage space. This can be used to store deodorants, shower gel, makeup and the various other items which are traditionally stored within the bathroom.

Wall hung toilets are another way to maximise the space in the bathroom, especially when combined with the above recommendations. With these aforementioned techniques and many more, it is no wonder that the popularity of small bathrooms continues to expand. Whether you are replacing a small bathroom or are contemplating the creation of a cloakroom suite, there are a number of trends which can be employed to ensure that the result is not only functional, but extremely aesthetically pleasing.

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