Recipe for a glamorous and elegant bedroom


What is elegant and/or glamorous is undoubtedly subjective, but I think that the desired effect is pretty similar.  I imagine most people’s response to elegance  would be opulence, comfort, and luxury.

After living in NYC, I see space and privacy as the ultimate luxury.  Even if your space isn’t huge, create the illusion of it by carefully planning out the room’s layout, make sure furniture is a correct scale, and think about the negative space in the room as much as you do the positive.  Leaving an area empty or sparse can create a feeling of opulence!

Think texture and surface!  Mirrors, furs (only faux for me!), silks, and velvets…all of these are typically classified as elegant because of they don’t play it safe…they proudly flaunt their texture, sheen, etc…

Buy high and low.  I’m sure you’ve heard it before, and it’s because it works!  Even if you buy your bedding, lamps, and chest of drawers from Habitat,  be sure to include something that will stand the test of time, and can be passed down for generations, like this David Gundry sofa.  It’s craftsmanship will be apparent, and such pieces often have details that less expensive furnishings wouldn’t (like those fab tassels!)Indulge in a bit of the impractical.  A sumptuously dark room, delicate white, outrageously pink – including a touch of the impractical adds elegance because it says, “hey, I can afford to indulge my whims and I get what I want!” – even if a gallon of navy paint only cost $25, and you bleach your white duvet when you accidentally spill your morning cappuccino!

Flaunt what you’ve got. If you’re lucky enough to have a home with gorgeous architectural elements, letting them take the spotlight and keeping other objects and elements sleek and clean will create an elegant space without having to spend a fortune on luxury furnishing and soft goods.

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