Blissful bedrooms: Inspiration for a restful space


I am tired today. Like, super uncharacteristically tired.  Maybe because wedding planning is a full time job in itself and I drove a combined 4 hours yesterday to look at two different wedding venues, or because ever since Sandy blew through the east coast hasn’t been seeing much sun.

Either way, I slept through my alarm, getting up an hour and a half late, and somehow slept-walked over to my dresser and hit snooze on my alarm NINE times and don’t remember any of it.  Luckily I work for myself and from home, but I still feel like a bum when I don’t get up at a reasonable hour.

Anyway, plentiful sleep aside, all I want do to is crawl under my down comforter and dream the afternoon away.  I guess this bedroom eye candy will have to do, since deadlines never care how tired you are.

Love the dark wall, the headboard, the quilt, the floors…

Okay, so this is an add for linens, but how gorgeous is that bed?

pastels always look nice in the bedroom

How cute is this?  Especially for a teenager.  And the palette bedframe adds extra storage for magazines, shoes, etc….

What do you think of the draped wall behind the bed?  It definitely adds romance and softness to the space, but I want to see it in person.
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