Antique rugs from around the globe (lots of eye candy!)


Few items can make an impact on a room like a rug. They do, after all, sometimes take up the most physical space, and can take up the most visual space as well. If you’re lucky enough to start designing a room from scratch, a lot of designers will recommend you chose a rug first, and then pull colors from your chosen rug to use in furniture, accessories, etc.

 I have never been lucky enough to get to start a room from scratch, but I do know how hard it is to make a bold rug work with furniture and decor that you already have. See my struggle and solution here. I love my oriental rug (from Iran) so I made it work, but I would have loved to be able to chose furniture after purchasing the rug as opposed to making my already existing furniture work with my beloved rug.

While my rug is not an antique, and I’m not lucky enough to own any antique oriental rugs (yet), I do like to peruse rug galleries with treasures from all around the globe.

(All of these amazing rugs are from the Nazmiyal Collection in NYC.)

 Here are my favorites from countries around the globe:

From Morocco:

I absolutely adore the textures in these Moroccan rugs …

…and the colors!

Beauties from Isreal

Click on these to see enlarged versions – the detail is amazing.

How amazing (and unique!) are these vintage rugs from the Caucasus regions?

The below are from Spain

*disclosure: This post is in partnership with Nazmiyal Collection


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