Top Trends in House Lighting


Whether the latest in hand blown glass, fabrics or customized pieces, or whether the newest environmentally friendly LED lighting is for you, the latest trends in house lighting are exciting and innovative and sure to cause a stir. With something for every room and more, lighting has never been so sexy.

Different rooms need different light, that’s something we take for granted. However, the latest trends in lighting have taken this basic premise to new levels and with added colours, textures and new materials available, a sophisticated look is within the grasp of everyone.

When considering the right lighting for any particular room there are simple rules that it’s well worth following. These make installing the latest trends in lighting far more worthwhile and to better overall effect.

• Take into account what you will use the room for. 
A kitchen is for food preparation, but unless you have a separate dining room or are very formal, eating with the family, children’s homework and many other tasks can happen here. Good lighting is paramount in a room with heavy usage like the kitchen. However, you may not want to be under the spotlight in the bedroom.

Consider color. 
If you have dark coloured walls, then you might want to employ brighter lighting to compensate. Natural light from windows will also have a bearing on how your chosen lighting works so placement is important.

Kitchen lighting has enjoyed something of a renaissance lately. Recessed lighting, once so popular, has become less sought after. However, pendants and spotlights have enjoyed resurgence in popularity with great fabrics such as tweed and ethnic woven fabrics being used for pendant shades. Also a long time favorite, glass, including colorful hand blown murano type shades, is a good choice for pendants.

Two very traditional chandeliers adds a lot of glam to this small kitchen

A modern twist on the traditional glass pendant or chandelier is a lot of fun in the kitchen

via Country Living, via Rue Mag

Little LED spotlights make a big difference in glass front cabinets

via House of Fifty

Spotlights in busier areas are ideal and with the latest environmentally LED lights you can rest assured that you are making the ethical choice. Green lighting (the actual color – not eco), a huge trend a couple of years ago is out and more muted shades such as teal and smoke are popular. However, these shades are harder to work with in areas that need good illumination so perhaps stick to good uplighters and spotlights with dimmers for your pendants over eating areas to give the right ambience. Remember to use different lighting in different areas, lamps provide great task lighting and can be themed to fit in with your other lighting. 

Teal, smoke, and lavender colors are ideal in bedrooms though. Again glass is a popular choice for shades and the chandelier is as big as ever. However, the latest chandeliers use quirky materials and there are some really great designers to choose from. Recycled materials are again a top trend with the environmentally conscious and chandeliers and pendants are an ideal way to channel this fashion in lighting.

For your main living areas, lighting can be one of the most exciting ways to bring a room to life. From the very large, think huge ceiling lights in everything from warm colored metals such as bronze or pewter to eco-chic pieces in layers of cheesecloth or woven fabrics, to the very small such as tiny LED’s around a wall mirror are top trends at the moment. Lamps can be used to provide a talking point, with unusual one off pieces, perhaps steampunk influenced, which can be placed strategically to enhance the overall ambience of the room. With spotlights taking over from recessed lighting in a big way and color playing an important part, don’t forget to make the very most of textures and materials. A colorful glass pendant or globe will cast a rainbow over the room, but choose carefully as you want it to enhance, not clash with, your decor. Small lamps with clear or white or environmentally friendly LED lighting can be used in areas where you read, sew or generally just want to have higher illumination. The dimmer switch is again, a must have. It really is enjoying a comeback and is so useful in creating depth and atmosphere.

I am completely in love with this shell pendant light. IN LOVE.

2 first via, via Country Living

Don’t forget the bathroom, where a top trend this year is eco-chic. Muslin, cheesecloth and ethnic/romantic shades work best on pendant fittings. Colored LED again is huge and pink and lavender provide the most flattering of hues. Hallways and passages and landings and stairs, all need to be lit well enough to enable them to be used safely, LED again or lamps in recessed areas have great possibilities.


And finally, don’t forget the outside of your home. LED and solar lighting are both here to stay and provide you with the latest looks to compliment your interior lighting.


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