Tree Houses like you’ve never seen before!


Well, I’ve never seen tree houses like these.  By Takanori Aiba, these bonsai tree houses are to me the epitome of patience and imagination.

I actually like his earlier works the best, where you can still see so much of the bonsai tree.  The stairs that wind down the sweeping branch just really speaks to the kid in me.  Imagine coming upon this tree house while meandering through the woods one day!

His creations are made from materials usually including stone clay / resin clay / epoxy putty / hinoki veneer sheet / bamboo / copper line / plastic / resin / paper / plaster.

It’s cool to see his creations in an “environment”

I tried to get more images of detail views, but unfortunately this was all I could find.

From Takanori’s website: 
AIBA loved to play bonsai making and HO railway model since his elementary age. He was not only making, but also playing with his imaginary trip using his lilliput eyes. AIBA’s creativity comes from the question ” If I were lylliput…” A small branch grows up a giant tree. A rock becomes a huge rock island. These Bonsai series are origin of his creativity. Bonsai was originally born in Heian era in Japan (794-1185) and  reflect the Japanese traditional aesthetic sense of expressing the magnificence of natures in a small potted plant. However, the density of decoration and the rich stories of AIBA’s Bonsai series contain extraordinary times and spaces which differ from the bonsai world determined by plants physiology.”

via Colassal, via Flickr, via Takanori Aiba


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