Beautiful bedrooms with their own unique style


Look at enough home and decor mags, and you’ll be able to draw up a template for a pretty “designer” bedroom, but to come up with something that’s beautiful and truly “yours” is a bigger challenge. These bedrooms really give you a taste of the owner’s personality…

Love this mix of eastern, Victorian, and industrial influences.
via Adore Home Mag

With it’s yellow bed, green front fireplace, and slate-colored walls, you can imagine it’s owner is decisive and confident.
2 images above via Alice in Designland

With wallpaper like this you can’t be shy
via Country Living

…love the library in the bedroom…I’m guessing the person who lives here is a bit of a home body and like to curl up with a book

Modern but feminine.  I love this look …
2 above via Home Sweet Home

Maybe a traveler who has a flair for the eclectic?
via Pinterest

What about your decorating style makes your home unique?


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