A most pretty little space


I’ve yet to loose my sense of wonder at beautiful interiors, but even more so when the space is small! As some of you know, I work from home, and live small, so I’m always on the look out for great small spaces that serve as both live and work space. I think this apartment, owned by a jewelry designer who works as well as lives in it, is just one such example

I think the light colors used consistently lends an openness to the space

Collections are kept in neat groupings

Her desk/workspace is behind the couch in the living room

Lovely desk details…

Jess’s Tips for working from home:

1. Make the space work for you:
Jess says her kitchen was begging for an island, so she placed a large table there that doubles as a jewelry assembly station by day and a dining room and kitchen prep table after hours.

2. Dress for work:
Jess puts on a nice outfit with shoes when she’s working. As for her space, she uses overhead lights during business hours, while pharmacy lamps atop cabinets and bookcases create a homey glow in the evenings. (I like this idea, however, living on a farm with muddy dogs means I only dress nicely for meetings or going out)

3. Separate storage:
To avoid seeing a stack of business receipts when she’s looking for a recipe, Jess keeps her office supplies completely separate from her personal items. Each day her assistant wheels out a cart with the jewelry supplies and it’s tucked away at night. (I think this is really important, to have all of your work supplies put away at the end of the day – however, I think I would rent a separate office space or get a bigger apartment before hiring an assistant – but that’s me..)

via Rue Magazine


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