A beautiful new way to display art and photographs


I was recently introduced to Fracture, which is “A one piece picture and frame made from printed glass that mounts directly to your all quickly and easily.” When I was offered a chance to try it out I was really excited because I have so many great photos from Chris and my travels and it was something different than a typical framed or mounted print. Other than being glass, the most striking part about a fracture is how rich and glossy it is. The printing process makes vibrant colors really pop.

You can upload your digital images, which really means you can have anything printed. You could design a pattern and even create your own glass tiles or a unique wall mosaic. I also think fracture is a good solution for areas or rooms with high humidity, like the kitchen or the bathroom. I am going to mount mine in the bathroom because it is small and gets very steamy – also the blue of the wall really pulls out the blue in the print.

Here are some photos of Fracture in my space –

Here’s the original digital photo, as seen in a previous post from my trip to Morocco last winter.

The photo printed by Fracture – it looks and feels like a glass tile, with tidy beveled edges.

A side view so you can get a sense of the thickness. The glass has some foam mounted on the back to act as cushion, and comes with everything you need to hang it.

Aside from the depth of the color, the details are very crisp too. I think fracture would look particularly good in modern interiors.

What do you think? Good idea? Currently Fracture offers 5 sizes -all the common sizes of digital photos, and 3 different shapes. To see all the options and more prints, visit Fracture.

Disclosure: I received fracture as a sample


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