Hello from Salzburg, Austria – more pictures from the beginning of my trip!


I am having an amazing time traveling around Europe. We have been to Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. So far Germany has been my favorite because the houses are simply charming and the gardens are so beautiful. I will post pictures in due time, but first here are more of the beautiful Galicia, in Spain, where we spent our first week.

More from the amazing Cies Islands – famous for the gorgeous beaches and as a nature preserve.

Approaching one of the beaches via ferry.

This was my favorite view from a cliff on the back of the island.

Pontevedra was my favorite city in Spain this trip.

While driving back to our hotel we stumbled across this beautiful little vineyard with horses, sheep, and goats grazing.

Two beautiful, hidden beaches in Galicia

Santiago de Compestelo


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