Create a little escape when you need one – glamorous and bohemian bathrooms


The world has seen better days. Tragedies, war, economic crisis, and everyday stress leave even the toughest of us in need of sanctuary. Somewhere one can go for warmth, solitude, and to literally and figuratively shed a new skin is vital to go out and face the world able to help shoulder it’s burdens and care for oneself.

I know that for me, a beautiful bathroom is a must, and it doesn’t necessarily take a whole lot to create a save haven where you can go in a little rough for wear and come out refreshed. I thought I’d share some photos that inspire me.

Via Flickr

I love the “homey” feeling of this bathroom. The plants against the aqua blue is beautiful
Via Bohemian Hellhole

A minimalist retreat

You can’t get much better than this tub
Via RoomEnvy

Sweet and serene
Via Elle Decor

This is from a Spanish decor magazine, I just don’t remember which one.


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