Gorgeous, Glamorous, and Casual!


A casual base with touches of glamor is how I prefer to dress – on the rare occurrence that I leave my house and need to look presentable. On the farm I spend my days in old jeans and sweaters because I don’t worry about them getting muddy or ripped or succumbing to any other sort of farm-induced damage. But, every now and then I need to feel like a girl again and get a little dressed up and go out. I’ve liked Ann Taylor Loft for a long time, and I’ve really been liking their Holiday ’09 collection.

The plum of this scarf is my new favorite color. I thought this tweed jacket was really cute, too.

They have so many soft sweaters in their “lounge” line, I would wear them throughout the day even when I wasn’t lounging

Some cute looks from their lookbook

Unfortunately a lot of the cute stuff I saw in their store is nowhere to be found on their site

What do you think of Ann Taylor Loft?


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