Check out my 2010 design resolutions on Discover Interior Design


…and a big thanks to Kristin for asking me to do this!

Here are two of my resolutions – Click here to read/see them all!

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Keep things organized! I spent a lot of last year creating (through a lot of trial and error) and organization system that works for me. Once set up, it’s easy to maintain and it just helps me complete the task at hand much more smoothly. It might take a few arrangements and systems until you find something that works for you, but you’ll be glad you took the time to discover the best place for everything based on your lifestyle.

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Edit and eliminate
. I’m pretty good when it comes to giving away items I no longer need or use, but there’s always room for improvement. I’ve also learned the value of being portable – I move to new apartments, if not states, almost every year, and all that packing has always been a natural point to purge. It’s also a wonderful feeling – fewer possessions sitting in fewer boxes in attics and basements mean fewer burdens.


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