Best little tips, tricks, and cheats to create the special finishing touch in your home.


Going the extra mile with a space doesn’t need to take much effort. You can add a little touch to one room or space to change the entire feel or look of it. Not all additions make a huge impact, but here are a few that I think really go far…

Don’t have a bar or breakfast bar but want one? This extended bar made from a table is a genius idea! It expands the kitchen seating without taking your eye away from the rest of the room.

A fire pit cover makes this space multi-functional! It gets the outside patio a great table space when it’s not in use but also a great gathering spot when you lift the table and turn up the heat!

A bookcase next to the tub. This is a brilliant idea for those who might not have storage space in their bathroom otherwise! Even a skinny built in can maximize the storage in the bathroom as well as make it look cozy.


Adding the additional shelf above this kitchen sink window gives you a little more room for decor or storage. Pull out some of those great decor pieces that give your kitchen a little personality without a lot of clutter. This is great for small kitchens that might not have the storage space for decor on the counter.

Under cabinet lighting. I absolutely love look it gives to have light hidden away but it’s so useful if you find yourself working late or struggling to have a well lit work space. It’s not just for kitchens!


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