An American Farmhouse: Warm and Elegant

American farmhouse
American Farmhouse I don't like country or rustic interiors when they are too cluttered or frilly.  I LOVE rustic interiors when they are sparse the clean and thoughtful.  I don't want to be distracted by a collection of hodgepodge cracker tins from amazing hardwood floors or hand-planed wood beams. I'm also a sucker for beautiful piece of antique furniture.  I adore...

Creative Ideas For Home Office

small home office
Living in this age and era working in the offices for both men and women don’t appear unique, whereas not working might sound a bit awkward. This century demands the hard work of every individual. As you have heard million times, “In order to win the race you have to be in the race.” I know you all agree...

Interior Visual Poetry

beautiful interior photography
A little homage to beauty for beauty's sake.  These are from one of my favorite blogs, The Poetry of Material Things. A rooftop lounge somewhere in paradise. Doesn't this shower look straight out of a spa? I know this isn't an interior but isn't it pretty? Looks like a painting. Old bones, new furniture Just a nice artistic shot.

250 year-old thatched cottage gets an amazing renovation!

amazing renovation
Amazing renovation! Whatever you envision when you hear "thatched cottage,"  Fawn Interiors will step it up like, 100 notches.  This amazing renovation of an approximately 250 year old structure demonstrates beautifully how warm and historic can still feel luxurious and sophisticated.  Enjoy! I love this shot in the hall. The mix of tones and contrast are gorgeous. The kitchen is a brighter...

Cattle shed turned amazing kitchen

amazing kitchen
You heard me right! This amazing kitchen used to be a cattle shed! deVOL kitchens have done it again.  This renovated cattle shed is one of many that was brought back to life in North Norfolk.  The space serves as a family hangout on the weekends and an idyllic retreat for paying customers. As you can tell, this kitchen is...

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