Using Native Plants to Simplify Gardens & Lawns

native plants
One of the most frustrating experiences in gardening, landscaping, and lawn care is the inability to keep plants alive and thriving. We discover them and get excited about how they'll fit into our plans, but sometime after planting they struggle and maybe even die. It may be the first winter, the first summer, the first dry spell, or the...

6 Design Tips and Tricks for Beginners 

design tips for beginners
Let’s say you’ve just finished shopping for a property for sale in Singapore and you want to start designing it to your comfort. You already have drafts of what you want to your house or apartment to look like, the types of furniture you want to buy, and the swatches of paint are ready. There’s only one problem: you’ll be the...

How to Update Your Home Decor For 2018

2018 home trends
Trends are fickle. They change regularly, almost as regularly as you should with your bed sheets. And this applies to every industry that there ever was. And it’s a good thing. An ever-shifting plane will force us to constantly adjust to needs and demands. There will always be that drive to innovate and create new things. And sometimes, old...

Designer Furniture Inspo: When it’s worth investing

designer furniture
Okay, so we are far from being able to adorn our home in gorgeous designer furnishings, textiles, and decor.  Heck, we still have a fair number of Ikea pieces.  And with a 3 year-old and an almost 9 month old, I'm not about to risk dried baby purees and finger paints on a Duncan Phyfe style antique dining table.  Therefore I'm...

In-Kitchen Dining

in-kitchen dining
In-Kitchen Dining Where does your family enjoy their meals?  Dining room? The kitchen? The living room...(gasp!)  Jk lol.  No judgement here.  We feed our kids at the table, and once they are off to bed my husband and I enjoy our dinner on the couch in peace with the latest John Oliver episode.  I'm apt to think that most people...

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