Check out my 2010 design resolutions on Discover Interior Design

...and a big thanks to Kristin for asking me to do this!Here are two of my resolutions - Click here to read/see them all!via MielBakesKeep things organized! I spent a lot of last year creating (through a lot of trial and error) and organization system that works for me. Once set up, it’s easy to maintain and...

A romantic turn of the century style home with a modern flair

I don't really know how to describe this home. It's featured in Skona Hem, so it features smart Scandinavian style, but it also looks like it could be a home from a fairy tale, or even a doll house. It looks like a home in a period film but at the same time features modern wallpaper, lighting,...

Amazing DL&Co. Candle sale going on at rulala!

Hurry stuff is selling out fast!Use this link for free membership if you aren't already a member -

Cool modern gifts for the hard to impress

From the very cool store, Mocha. Here are some of my favorites for Christmas.I've had my eyes on these nesting mixing bowls for awhile!A ceramic notepadThey also have these in white! Soooo cute and kids would love themAdorable pot holders!This piece of notebook paper is actually a tea towelThis is to scale, it's a teacup stool!There more online...

Real NYC apartments and what they cost

I'm probably torturing myself by looking at NYC real estate sites, but I miss the city so much, and it just helps to tide me over until I manage to move back. Not that I'd ever begin to afford to live in one of these homes!NolitaThis home is part of a major project at 211 Elizabeth Street. The penthouse...

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