Fixer Upper: Small Town Charm


Fixer Upper

I’m not really a religious watcher of any show.  We have Roku in our house, not live TV, so I tend to binge watch something for a couple weeks or so and then I forget about it. I had watched Fixer Upper before and liked it but started again recently.  While I generally really like what Chip and Joanna do with their projects, there was one home in particular she did that I absolutely loved.  It’s from the episode “Small Town Charm”

The Kitchen

I’m going to start with the kitchen because that is what I really, really loved about this renovation.  The large island with the wood counter top and apron front sink is now in my “dream house” file.  The murky blue subway tiles are gorgeous too.

fixer upper fixer upper fixer upper fixer upper

fixer upper

The antique doors are to-die-for and the type of element that really brings a home to the next level.

Gorgeous kitchen, right?

The Staircase

Another element of this home that made it stand out to me is the beautiful staircase.  I love how it’s open at the bottom and keeps the entire bottom floor feeling like one big space.

fixer upper

The landing of the staircase gives one a view of most of the first floor!

fixer upper

The top of the staircase

fixer upper

Staircase from the dining room.

fixer upper

The iron grate and railing has so much charm!

The Living Room

Fixer upper

Love the mix of turquoise and tan leather in the living room

The Master Bedroom

fixer upper fixer upper

Love the color accent colors in the bedroom and the dresser!

Read the whole story and see all the photos at HGTV

Turns out, I had seen this home before and featured some of it in another post, Beautiful Interiors (and great tips) from Fixer Upper’s Joanna Gaines 

Elegant bedrooms fit for dreaming


Elegant bedrooms

eclectic and elegant.  love the print over the fireplace
via Architectural Digest

pull the sheers around the bed and escape
via Sweet Home Style

small, but perfectly furnished and decorated for unwinding.
via House of Fifty

via House of Fifty

via Interiors Porn

Above and below are the same bedroom. Chic peacock wallpaper on one wall and exposed brick on the other.

2 above via Lonny mag

All About Heating Oil Tanks


Bare with me, this may seem a bit off topic for Decorology, but if you are thinking of buying/selling a home, or live out in the country – the issue of an oil tank WILL come up.  We live in the ‘burbs of DC and it ended up being a little issue when we were in settlement.  If you think you may need to know about this stuff, read on, if not, enjoy the eye candy!

white interiors

If you’re thinking about switching to home heating oil, or you’ve recently moved into a house that’s off the gas grid and already has an oil-fired heating system, then you’ll want to know more about that all-important tank that sits (or will soon be sitting) in your garden.

white interiors

Here’s what you need to know

Your oil tank will be made from wither fabricated steel or durable plastic and it’ll usually be situated outside – some tanks are in an outhouse or even underground, but this is rarer. Your tank will also be either single-layered or double-layered, or it may be integrally bunded, which means it has an in-built protective layer. If you can afford a bunded tank, then go for one, as it’s essentially one tank inside another, with the outer tank accommodating the inner tank’s pipes, vents and other fittings. Bunded tanks offer a lot more protection from cracks, leaks and spills, as the external tank can hold 110% of the inner tank’s full capacity. This is ideal when you’ve just scored the cheapest oil from supersaveroil!

white interiors

The legal lowdown

If you’re about to install a new tank, whether it’s your first tank ever or a replacement, then you need to make sure it’s manufactured to meet all the relevant safety codes. You can talk to an OFTEC-registered technician to help you to choose the right tank for your home and your needs, and to find out where the best place for the tank is. Safety regulations vary slightly across the UK, so you need to know your local requirements before you start.

You should also have your tank inspected at least once a year by an OFTEC engineer to make sure it’s in a safe and good condition.

white interiors


Moving into a property with an existing tank

If your new home already has a tank and you’re feeling a bit intimidated by it, then you should arrange an inspection. Steel tanks in particular need looking at one a year or so because they have a special oil-resistant coating to extend their working lives. You can also have a chat with the inspector to find out what maintenance needs to be done by you alongside the annual service.


4 images above via

The different sizes and prices of oil tanks

Tanks vary in size from 1,000 litres to 3,500 litres, although the 3,500-litre types are more for commercial premises. You can expect to pay £500 to £600 for a smaller, single-layered tank and around £2,000 for a large bunded one.

In addition to the off-the-peg tanks, you could also have a custom-designed tank for your specific needs. However, you should always have a gauge to tell you how much oil is left – this can be either outside the tank or remote. If your tank doesn’t already have one you can buy one – either a basic one or a digital one, which will cost a bit more.

It’s vital to keep a close eye on your oil levels to avoid your tank getting too low, as this can lead to sludge or air being drawn into the boiler, which can be very expensive.

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Decorating on a Tight Budget? Try these secrets!


Interior design can be very expensive. Even while redecorating a single room, costs always add up quickly. Our mind begins buzzing with questions. Do I want to buy carpeting or should I install hardwood? What paint color should I choose? How much of paint will I need to cover this space? Do I have to buy new furniture? Do I have to get after hour emergency electricians? Not only these questions can make things difficult, the idea of purchasing all such items can be quite overwhelming. This is why to ease your worries, we have developed this post for you. Learn our secrets and easily decorate your house while being on a budget.

budget decorating

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decorating budget

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Prior Planning

Proper planning is vital for any home improvement project when working on a tight budget. You don’t want yourself in a situation where you find the perfect couch only to find out that you don’t have enough money in your account.

Before you begin, find your design inspiration. You can do this by looking at magazines and searching on the internet. Then, break down the project into its components such as furniture, flooring, paint, accessories, and interior décor. You need to browse stores and get a solid idea on the cost of the components. Then check your budget and see what suits you best.

decorating budget

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decorating budget

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Repurpose You Possessions

Repurposing old design elements can never be exciting as installing new pieces. But, it can definitely save you a lot of money. All you need is a bit of elbow grease and some good investment in free time, and you can totally transform the outlook of any part of your interior design.

Look around and ponder which items you can repurpose. Think whether you really need all those new kitchen cabinets or just getting them refaced would be a good idea? See whether there are hardwood floors underneath your current carpeting? Think whether you can freshen up your old bedroom suit just by fashioning it a new coat of paint. These are just small things that can really help you in the long run. They can also save you a good amount of money.

decorating budget

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decorating budget

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Anchoring room with furniture

Working with a tight budget is always about prioritizing spending. Working with limited resources means you have to spend your money where you will receive the most value for it. In interior design, this means dedicating a major portion of your budget to furniture.

Furniture will likely last for years so it’s good to spend on the quality items. If you already have furniture you can also repaint it or polish it and make it new again. Furniture is not cheap so you will be spending quite some money on it. We advise you to invest wisely.

Furniture draws eyes towards itself. If you are investing in good furniture items, you don’t have to do much decor as it will take care of 80% of your interior décor if done creatively. After this is done, you’ll only have to add minor touches to pull the room together.

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7 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas for Small Apartments


Small spaces are really hard to decorate. If you decorate a small apartment with too many things it would be cramped and crowded. If you use too less decorative items, it would look empty and deserted. You have to find the perfect interior décor balance for it to look welcoming and attractive. This is why we have dedicated today’s post solely for this purpose. Here are ten ways to decorate a small apartment especially when you are on a budget.

small apartments

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Lighting can either make or break a room. So invest in lower-wattage bulbs because they will allow you to change a room’s mood from romantic to restful. Please don’t handle the electric matters yourself as it can be very dangerous for you and your house. Always go for professional assistance and if you are having trouble finding commercial electricians in your area, help you out in this regard.

small apartment

via Provident Home Design

Remnant tables

When buying fabrics for décor never miss out those remnant tables at your local fabric stores. They are perfect for banding drapes, recovering pillows and other handling other sewing projects around the house. These tables can offer you fabrics at 1/3 of the price and are just as good as those on the shelves.

small apartments

via Apartment Therapy

The Greenery

Having plants in any room makes you feel more alive. Simple green foliage usually lasts longer than flowers. Even the design of a single leaf can make a striking effect. Try putting a single palm leaf or even a slender flax in a giant vase. It will cast a simple yet a modern appeal.

small aparatment

via Apartment Therapy

Focus on Floors

Your floor is also an important part of your house and just like walls, they need your attention too. To completely change the floor surface, try staining wood floors. You can also install a carpet or replace old linoleum. For a quick fix, just add an area rug. Trust us, just by making the floors distinct, your walls can definitely look better.

small apartment

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Storage Matters

Storage matters a lot when you are living in small spaces. You generally have two options: building under or building up. If you want a dramatic effect to consider building tall bookshelves. You can also take the advantage of the space underneath your bed and store things there. Toffee tables with hidden storage options are also a good item to buy. These things help in keeping the clutter out of sight and improve the outlook of your house.

small apartments

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Combining Patterns

Make things fun and colorful and combine patterns, styles and different textures of fabric in almost everything from furniture to window treatments and accessories. It will add color to your rooms and also your life.

small apartments

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Cast illusions to give a roomy and spacious feeling to your small apartment. Vertical lines or similar patterns on walls can cast an illusion of a high ceiling. Similarly installing a mirror on a complete wall can make a room look twice its size.

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