Antique Furniture brings beauty, character, and history to these interiors


Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture – does anything add character to a home quite like it?  I suppose that’s debatable, but I am instantly drawn to old pieces with a penchant for craftsmanship and history.  Another HUGE appeal that I don’t think is broadcast enough is that there is not potentially harmful off-gassing!

antique furniture

Beautiful hardwood floors and mouldings make this furniture and decor shine.

antique furniture

Antiques don’t mean stuffy or traditional, there is a lot of antique furniture out there that is modern even for today’s standards.

antique furniture

A desk so gorgeous sitting down to answer emails will seem like a treat…maybe.
antique furniture

antique furniture

Believe it or not this dining room is in a beach house.  How clever is using these leather benches for table seating?

antique furniture antique furniture

Holy armoire…and wallpaper.

antique furniture

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House Tour: Interior designer Mark Sikes’ Southern California Home


House Tour!

Interior designer Mark Sikes’ and partner Michael Griffin’s house tour is full of unexpected and wonderful moments of old world Hollywood glam, while still maintaining an open and organic feel.  Check it out below:

Couch in the kitchen?  How genius is that for entertainers.  Just make sure it’s a stain proof, easily washed material.  Not as crazy about the pendant lights though…


Super comfy looking daybed in a super serene home library.

All the below pictures are of their devine guest bedroom and bathroom.

I would love for a bed half as dreamy as this to be in my master!


The black and white striped awning outside, as well as the black and white palette in the room makes me think of the book “The Night Circus”

Great mix of eclectic (armoire) and elegant (chair)

How unreal is this bathroom – check out the chandeliers!


Love the shower curtain that looks like drapes.  I can’t figure out if that framed black and white photograph is in the shower of just a reflection…

What do you think of this Southern California home?See and read the entire story at Lonny Mag

Calming color: beautiful hues for relaxing interiors


Calming color

I think lavender is a surprising calming color that doesn’t get a lot of attention.  So here’s a little spotlight on lavender –  I hope you find it inspiring!

A lovely rug or throw blanket can do the trick if you are the person who loves to change up colors often. This shade of lavender is so pretty
purple in the bathroom #purple #bathroom #showercurtain

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Using lavender in a modern application can help the space from feeling two feminine.  This shower curtain might be purple, but it has a modern indie vibe to it that won’t scare off the men folk.
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This bedroom is so pretty and comfortable looking.  And it was designed for a (very lucky) teenage girl!
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The lavender used in this entry way and stairs is soft and unobtrusive, but you still notice it.

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Are you a fan of lavender?

Peaceful Interiors: Serene and beautiful


Peaceful Interiors

From time to time I get so frazzled and caught up in my life, the daily to-dos, projects I’m working on, etc., all the while feeling like I am accomplishing nothing, that I wonder if I am living up to my full potential (no), doing anything meaningful with my life, or making a difference in the world… which I think is ultimately what makes us a lot of us feel fulfilled.  I have no doubt that many of you feel the same from time to time.

During these moments I always find myself with the urge to pare down when it comes to my surroundings, and try to create a space that is a little more serene, sparse, and minimal.  I always end up searching my design sources for “zen interiors,” “spiritual interiors,” “quaker interiors,” etc…

Here’s what my most recent search turned up:



Actress Keri Russell’s living room is so beautiful and relaxing!

A perfectly organized space always leaves me feeling zen

So peaceful.  Looks so much like the farm where I grew up, I can almost hear the red-winged black birds.

What do you do when you need some zen?

1.,2.  via Soulbird 3. via HomeEdit  4. Jon Jensen via Black & Eiffel 5. via Feed my Sole 6. Jon Jensen

House Tour! Simple and Elegant: A San Francisco apartment


House Tour

This post is a blast from the past from when I was visiting San Francisco.

I’ve been in beautiful San Francisco since Saturday, and today is my last day. I thought I’d pay homage with this gorgeous Pacific Heights 700 sq. foot apartment. Enjoy!

I LOVE her bedroom.  Calm but happy at the same time.  The architectural elements are to die for.






This lady is good at editing her stuff – but maybe a tad bit more – like some art, etc. – would help us learn a little about the person who lives here.

What do you think?
via Apartment Therapy