Our bedroom reveal and our gorgeous Overdyed rug!

over dyed vintage rug
I am pretty bad at sharing my own home with readers. The photos from my last apartment have been ready to publish for years now, but I just haven't been able to pull the trigger and publish a post.  I am really proud of our master bedroom though.  It's been in-waiting for 4 years, but once I had motivation...

Magic Linen Toddler Bedding

Magic Linen Toddler Bedding
Recently we moved Leo out of his crib and into his first "big boy bed" - a toddler bed that is actually a bit smaller than his crib.  Beau, now 7 months, has taken over the crib.  I can't believe Leo will be 3 in June.  As many of you know watching your little ones grow up can be...

Three Easy-to-Bypass Door Locks in Your Home

curb appeal
  How secure is your home? What kind of locks do you use on your doors? Do you think they’re sufficient? Your safety and that of your family may depend on the sturdiness and security of your doors. Thus, it’s essential to choose locks that can’t easily be bypassed. You may not know it, but many common locks can easily be...

3 Tips for Making Your Home Warm and Inviting

natural interiors
There is nothing like the feeling of coming home at night after a long day at work to a home that is warm and inviting. You simply want to sink down into the comfort of your favorite chair for a few moments to let the stresses of the day slip away before you do anything at all. You aren’t...

5 Landscaping and gardening mistakes that homeowners should carefully avoid

gorgeous gardens
If you’re someone who loves to work outdoors and maintain a garden, there are high chances that you have always wanted to decorate your garden in the way you’ve always dreamt of. You have a knack of maintaining green things and you’ve always dreamt of having a house which would be surrounded with greenery all around. Whatever might be...

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