Beautiful kitchens in every style


Beautiful kitchens are hard to ignore. Kitchens are undoubtedly the busiest rooms in the home, so making it beautiful and functional is (maybe) more important than the function/aesthetics of any other room in the home. Kitchens also tend to be toward the front of the home and therefore see more traffic and visitors then dens and bedrooms. All the more important to make your kitchen welcoming, efficient, and a place that you, your family, and your friends will want to be.

white kitchen with modern barstools

The geometric rug and the super cool modern barstools add character and style to an otherwise staid, albeit beautiful white kitchen. I love those leaded panel windows and the counter to ceiling white subway tile.

casual white kitchen with island

Another white kitchen gets some character and fun with a green kick board at the breakfast bar. A glossy brass pendant and gleaming tile balance out the country stools and light wood floors.

elegant country kitchen

This kitchen might be my favorite.  The large rustic island, the absolutely stunning runner in faded colors, the layout, it’s somehow peaceful and energizing at the same time.

Vintage stove and exposed brick wall

I think this stove could make even the most reluctant person want to cook.  It looks like a work of art.  The pale exposed bricks and decorative open shelves is a nice touch too. Add the copper accents and amazing hood and you have a very French aesthetic.

modern rustic kitchen

This might be a galley kitchen, but it sure packs a punch! The windows are amazing!  The thick black counters and vertical wood panel cabinet fronts are really dramatic as well.  I never thought a kitchen could look “zen,” or spa-like, but this one sure does.

beautiful galley kitchen with hardwood floors

Another amazing galley kitchen.  The soft gray herringbone floors lead you to beautiful glass doors.  The skylight also adds light to reflect off of the beautiful brass cabinetry hardware.

Do you have a favorite kitchen from the ones above?

All images via My Domaine

Turning Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary


In today’s always on world, finding time for yourself to just relax and chill can be difficult. As well as being short of time, most people live with other family members, which can make it hard to get away from everyone and everything.

However, most of us still have the luxury of having our own bedroom. This is important because it is a space that can easily be turned into a proper sanctuary. The fact that a bedroom is still seen as a private space means that it is somewhere you can go to be alone, and do your own thing.

Choose a restful style of decor

You need to resist the temptation to decorate your bedroom in a jazzy style. It is far better to opt for a more muted style of decor, which creates a more calming and relaxing ambience.

elegant neutral bedroom


Add a chair or sofa

If you have the space, invest in a comfortable chair, and footrest, or a small sofa. You will be surprised by just how much you use it.

elegant bohemian bedroom

via The Girl Who Knows

Get a nice headboard

For some reason, headboards went out of fashion, but, for 2017, they are back. Most retailers are once again stocking big, decorative, padded headboards. This is great news for you, because it means that your bed will once again be somewhere you can comfortably sit up and read.

Let the light in

Now I know this is going to sound strange, but you really need to let as much natural light into your bedroom as possible. Being able to see the view will lift your spirits, and help you to rebalance after a frenetic day.

elegant moroccan bedroom

via Matouk

If you enjoy having breakfast in bed, or reading in your room during the day you will be thankful of the natural light. The trick with bedrooms is to install good quality curtains, or blinds, so that you can keep the light out until you want it.

It is also important to install good lighting in your bedroom. You want to be able to see what you are doing when you get dressed, and have enough light to be able to read comfortably. However, at times, you will want to dim the lights to create a more romantic, or relaxing ambience.

luxury spanish colonial bedroom

via Luxe

Add a touch of luxury

In sanctuary bedrooms, luxury bedspreads are always a good idea. They make the room look fantastic, as well as feel great against your skin.

A place to pamper yourself

The bedroom is the perfect place to enjoy beauty treatments. If you have enough space, set aside a cupboard, or chest of drawers to store everything that you need. Having everything you need readily to hand will encourage you to treat yourself to a foot spa, and face pack on a regular basis.

transitional layered bedroom


Wire your bedroom for sound

If you find listening to music relaxing, consider investing in a good quality sound system for your bedroom. In a crowded house that may mean buying a set of wireless headphones, which will allow you to listen to the TV or your music system when everyone else is in bed, and sound asleep.

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Dream bathrooms: Layout, storage, materials, and decoration


Dream bathrooms galore!

I’m a sucker for a good bathroom. I love a good soak, especially in the winter, and now with a toddler, my bathroom is a well-needed refuge.  The perfect bathroom isn’t achieved through one element, rather the combination of a great layout, adequate bathroom storage, well-considered materials, and lastly the decoration used to personalize it. The amount of choices you’ll have to make when planning a bathroom can be overwhelming: pedestal sinks, double vanities, freestanding tubs, and corner shower stalls abound!  Hopefully the bathroom guide below can be a little help or at least provide some inspiration!

  1. Bathroom Layout

    To begin with, your bathroom layouts need to be efficient because they are often tighter on space than other rooms in the home.  Not space for a freestanding tub and a corner shower means you will need to plan for a bathtub shower combo.  A good place to start is the National Kitchen and Bath Association for planning guidelines, and of course, your favorite internet sources for inspiration.  If you have a large family, separating the toilet from the shower and sink area allows multiple people use of the bathroom at the same time.

bathroom layout

via BHG

A double vanity tucked in a corner provides space for a beautiful walk-in shower, which are usually space hogs. Wall space is utilized by a large mirror, reflecting more light into the space.


2. Adequate Bathroom Storage

Secondly, Especially important if you have a small or even normal-sized bathroom is making sure you have storage!  The smaller your bathroom, the more creative you will have to be at coming up with storage solutions.  This is where the internet will be your friend.  Try to find ways to utilize your vertical (wall) space.  Built in shelves, hanging shelves, mountable cabinets, you name it.  Whatever solutions will get things off of the floor are your friends!

small bathroom ideasThe narrow vertical shelves behind the door and and the build in shelves in the shower create much needed storage space for towels, toiletries, and other bathroom necessities. Isn’t the gray marble tile absolutely beautiful?

via BHG

bathroom vanity storage

Nothing beats the bathroom vanity when it comes to adding under-sink storage, but don’t forget is can also create wall storage also!  Look into vanities or cabinetry to go on the side of your mirror and above the sides of the sink.

via DecorPad

3. Materials

Since one can only get so creative with the layout of your bathroom – toilet in the shower?? No thanks.., materials are where you can really stand out with your bathroom design.  Tiles come in such a wide variety of colors and styles these days. Backsplashes aren’t just for kitchens, you can add sophistication through a backsplash behind your bathroom sink.  HATE cleaning grout?  Consider stone or granite in your shower. Materials also includes hardware, for which there is no shortage of variety these days either. Cabinet knobs, come in every style and finish, lighting comes in every style and finish, and then faucets and shower heads also come in a never-ending array of styles and finishes.  Whatever you go with, make sure that the materials and finishes match your lifestyle.  If you know you won’t be able to keep grout mildew-free or shiny finishes polished, than chose a finish and material that are smudge-resistant and/or more resistant to mildew.

Prestwick Lane
It doesn’t get more beautiful than marble and marble tile in my opinion, and this bathroom is proof.  The pendant light over the tub is really beautiful as well, and it’s brass finish adds warmth to the space.  The crown moulding and built-in-shelves are thoughtful details.  I’m not sure about how durable marble is however, as I believe it can etch, so it might not be something I would consider for a children’s or high-traffic bathroom.

4. Decoration

Lastly, This is where you really get to have fun.  Since decor is generally less expensive, you don’t have to worry that your decisions are set in stone.  Artwork, mats, and towels can be changed with the seasons if you desire. Don’t forget paint colors as well! Keep this in mind when decorating a child’s bathroom.  Since children grow up all to quickly, decor that is easy to change out or grows with them will be another choice you’ll have to make.

Forest Green bathroom Annie Schlechter

via GH

This bathroom goes from pretty and patterned to dramatic with a glossy forest green ceiling.  The glass cabinet is a perfect way to add style and storage to this bathroom.

black bathroom nathan kirkman

via GH

Honeycomb patterned penny tile takes centerstage along with a mod chandelier.  The freestanding clawfoot tub with gold finishes also lends itself to the elegant aesthetic.  The floor to ceiling drapes, 3/4 height tile, and navy wall also all add to the elegance and sophistication to the bathroom.

black and white bathroom with tiles and layers

I love the layering of textures in this bathroom.  The ornate tiles with the oriental rug over them ads a lot of bohemian charm.

via GH

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Moroccan Interiors: beautiful and airy spaces


Moroccan interiors have a soft spot in my heart ever since our trip to Morocco.  With the ease, focus on comfort, and beautiful craftsmanship it’s hard to find something not to like.

Moroccan interior bedroom

One thing about Moroccan homes that I loved were the courtyards. Granted, I don’t live in a climate where an open, roofless home would be practical, but it was so nice to come in from the busy street and have a little privacy while still feeling like you are outside.  Ornate wood and plaster carving also adorns a lot of riads in Morocco.

Moroccan interior

Part of the ease of Moroccan interiors is that there are always places to plenty of places to relax and lounge.  Layers of textiles also promote comfort.

2 images above via The Poetry of Material Things
Moroccan day bed lanterns

Moroccan interior


Moroccan interior

I would love to be able to take home an ornately carved door or column and have it installed in my home.

Moroccan interior bedroom with canopy

Yes please! The daybed in white with and airy canopy.

4 images above via Theia Interiors

Vintage interiors and beautiful moody moments


Vintage interiors really shine when the craftsmanship and details of the past generations pair well with modern sensibilities of less clutter.  And, for simply the heck of it, I’ve added some shots that simply remind me that there is beauty in life to be had, though for personal reasons I might have trouble focusing on them right now.

beautiful wood armoire

A beautiful wooden armoire with birdcage wallpaper makes for a truly beautiful room.

crystal mandela

I don’t know anything about crystals. But this crystal mandala in pink and golds is pretty enough to frame.

woman running in sunset

The golden hour, especially during spring, summer, or fall, is the best time to be outside.

cabinet and framed map

Such a pretty, moody blue – brought all the way down to the baseboards.  The glass front drawers create a “cabinet or curiosity” effect.

Above images via The Vintaquarian.

bohemian interior daybed

You can’t beat a daybed for making use of an unusual space – like the landing at the top of a spiral staircase.

via The Poetry of Material Things.