Tips for working from home!


Working from Home

A lot of people ask me how I handle working from home. As you can imagine, it can be very distracting if you aren’t prepared for it! With house chores looking right at you, all your favorite things to do during your down time within eye sight, and no one checking on you to see what you’ve gotten done, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s a few tricks I use to stay on track:

1. Have a dedicated work space.
Even if you are sharing the room with another space, dedicate a wall or a section of it to your work space. You need to have a defined area so when you “step into it” you can be in the work mode and not “see” all the distractions around you.
Wish working from home looked this glamorous every day! Photographer: Jenna Alcala.
2. Get dressed and create a morning routine!
You don’t have to be in fashion, in style, or dressed to the T, but taking a shower and getting out of your jamies can seriously motivating! Also sticking with a morning routine can make you feel ready and prepared for the day.
3. Set dedicated work hours, and give yourself a real lunch break!
Working off hours can really hurt your body and your routine of working. Overworking can also wear you down and make you less effective at what you are actually doing. Set dedicated work hours and be sure to give yourself a break, just like you would at any out of home job!
4. Use those extra hours wisely!
If you are like me, clutter and unorganized mess can be seriously distracting. Use the time you’d be commuting during an out of home job to do the cleaning around the house! Get everything set so the next morning is dedicated to your routine and work load.
5. Have fun with your office space!
Decorate it nicely, keep it organized, and have fun with it! After all, you will be spending most of your time at home here. Why not love it?

House Tour: A gorgeous island house full of pattern and texture


House Tour

Taylor Borsari’s Coronado Island home isn’t your typical light and airy, white-washed and pastel abode, it has depth and soul.  All the same, it’s use of eclectic pattern and texture keeps it upbeat and inspiring.  I’ve got a bit of a crush!

This family room is where I would read at night.  The wood and seagrass keeps adds warmth, but the cream upholstery and white walls still feels fresh.

How can you not smile in this kitchen?  Makes me feel like I’m back in the Alhambra!


ADORE this bedroom – the wallpaper, the bed…all of it…

I’d like to refinish my dining room table to look like this blonde wood.



The living room.

This bedroom is fun and pretty, but I’m not brave enough for that wallpaper!

Read more and see it all at TradHome

An eclectic house tour filled with treasures from travels


This eclectic house tour is sure to please

This eclectic house in the UK is brimming with personality. Most of the work, painting, etc., was done by the home owners, and most of the decor has special meaning.



It looks like all of their books, even the ones in the dining room, are arranged by spine color.


Her home office is probably my favorite.  Simple, but pretty.


Love the mantle!

via Heart Home Mag

Gorgeous farmhouse tour from Ohio…


A gorgeous farmhouse 2012 throw back!  This house’s style as stood the test of time.  Well, 5 years at least.

This Ohio farmhouse is chock full of second hand, vintage, and antique furnishings and accessories, which simply make it really fun to tour. More than the house though, I love the grounds…

I love this shot…so peaceful


I adore this birdcage as decor, but I’m not really a fan of caging birds…

They scored the four poster bed on ebay.

This chicken coup used to be a cupola.

A shed is used as guest quarters.  I would probably use this as a painting studio though….





The sink is an old soapstone basin.

what do you think of the house and grounds?

via Country Living

Dark Bathrooms – What do you think?


I feel that over the past couple of years I’ve been seeing more and more dark bathrooms.  It definitely creates a feeling that’s elegant and chic, but is it something you would try in your home?


The mirrors reflect a lot of light in this bathroom.  Notice the picture hanging above the tub?  I always wonder in these situations if it really stays there or if it was just put there for the photo shoot…

3 above via Lonny Mag

Love this one – that chandelier!

I want to replace the vanity surface in our master bath, does anyone have a wood vanity like this?  Does it hold up well?

3 above via House Beautiful

I’m anxious to here what you guys think of dark bathrooms!