Glamorous Industrial style apartment


Glamorous Industrial apartment

The apartment below is a fresh mix of industrial style meets glamorous.

It comes from Heart Home magazine

“From the studio of Jaime Beriestain, this renovated apartment celebrates its industrial roots but has more than a touch of added luxury thrown in. It was originally an office but after its sympathetic transformation into a sophisticated living space it now has a warm, timeless and contemporary ambiance. ”

glamorous industrial

Love all of the natural light in this space, the neutrals are a breath of fresh air too.

glamorous industrial

The kitchen is a bit dark for me, but I still appreciate it.


The clean lines and copper make this bathroom glamorous even though other elements are very industrial.

How great is all of that exposed brick?

5 Features of a Comforting Patio


A patio addition to any property increases its value and gives the homeowners a place to unwind and escape from stress. Entertaining and relaxing are two primary purposes of a patio, so comfort should be prioritized in any design. Here are five things to include in a patio space to make it more comfortable and zen-like.

patio ideas

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Add These Functional Comforts

All patios have a few musts, such as plenty of chairs and adequate lighting. To make the space more comfortable, go a step further with these essential pieces. Here are some functional comforts to consider:

  • Seating: Consider more than a table and standard chairs for your patio space. A variety of seating options will enhance the overall design, and the inclusion of pieces such as an outdoor sofa or loveseat and even a patio hammock will allow you to lay down and relax or snuggle up with a partner to watch the sunrise or sunset. Use a variety of seating options to create a more interesting, versatile, and intimate space.

patio ideas

via Dering Hall

  • Lighting: Instead of settling for your home’s porch light, invest in some unique lighting solutions to give the patio a more welcoming atmosphere. For example, outdoor string lights dangling overhead create a dreamy effect and can make you feel like you’ve stepped into a romantic paradise when you go outside. Lanterns and candles are two other options if you want to illuminate the space in a unique and soothing way.

patio ideas

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  • Landscaping: Landscaping is important; you won’t be able to relax if you’re looking out across an overgrown or unkempt lawn. Again, don’t go for the minimum here. Give some plants a home on your patio to add some green and provide cleaner air when you step outside. You’ll need to consider what flora can thrive in your area, but succulents (such as cacti and agave) and perennials are two low-maintenance recommendations.

patio ideas

via DecorPad

Additional décor: Once you have the essentials, consider some extras to distinguish your patio as a unique space to escape from stress. For example, placing outdoor rugs can help you separate sections of your patio or highlight a particular piece. A fire pit or grill is also a must for many homeowners. Finally, add something decorative that complements the space to make it functional and aesthetically soothing. Pillows and smaller side tables, for example, are two ways to unify the space and bring in some color.

patio ideas

via Dering Hall

Select the Right Material

If you’re starting a new patio construction project, this is a great opportunity to look at paving materials to complement the design. Add unique flooring to your deck or create a paved path leading to the patio to make it more inviting. A final recommendation is to give the space a theme. If you want something meditative, add prayer flags, candles, wind chimes, a fountain or pond, and a yoga mat. If you plan on entertaining, add a cocktail bar or a place to keep some bottles of wine and glasses.

patio ideas

via Dering Hall

With some careful planning, any outdoor space can be a little more pleasing. If you have a patio, make it a bit more comfortable with these essential pieces.

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5 Ways You Can Get More Home Renovation While Spending Less


Millionaires are not ones to flaunt their cash – that’s one sure-fire way to stop being a millionaire. Rather than being outwardly showy with houses and cars, they are much more likely to keep to a less luxurious brand while spending lots of effort in making that fit their personalities and needs to the letter.

home renovation

Many rich people have been found, in surveys, to actively call frugality a key to success – this is something that you should take into consideration when remodelling or renovating your home (or really doing anything else that involves money, for that matter) – it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The 2017 design trends in homes can cost a lot if you aren’t careful, but they don’t need to, and if you follow these five tips for saving money, you can save a lot.

home renovation

Save Half your Raises and Bonuses

Saving can be very difficult in the day to day world we live in, but it is honestly one of the surest ways to get rich. Of course, saving needs to be done with care – if you save too little, it’ll take you ages to get rich. If you save too much, you might end up simply giving up at some point in the future and having a spending spree.

A good policy is to save half of the disposable income which you have every month, and this applies to any unexpected windfalls which might occur, such as bonuses or inheritances. this website has some really good tips on the specific ways in which you can save your money.

home renovation

Live Well, but in a Small House

Big houses eat money, especially in winter when the heating needs to be on. Beyond that, mortgage payments, house repairs, house maintenance….it all builds up and up, and it all requires money. Big houses are especially bad for this, so try and live in a small house, or a smaller one than people would expect. Small doesn’t necessarily have to mean uncomfortable, and it has the bonus of being easier on the bank account

home renovation

Make the Most of your Money

As has been said above, don’t spend for outward luxury, spend for inward luxury. If that means resoling your boots six years in a row because you love them and they are good boots, then that is what it takes.

Money which is spent on maintaining something might be costly, but in general it costs less than running something into the ground and then replacing it entirely. Obviously, this does not apply to cars which are out of date, as then the parts to replace them will definitely cost too much.

home renovation

Keep it Simple

Interior decorating doesn’t have to be complicated, though it is true that some people pay a lot of money for something which seems quite simple. The modern trends actually help in this regard – we now emphasis simplicity and minimalism in our designs, rather than busy colours and patterns. Neutral colours and clean lines are in general cheaper than colour and busy lines.

Look for Off-Trends

Nobody said that we had to keep ourselves completely up to date with home décor, it’s just what has come to be expected of us. A good way to keep yourself from needing to spend extra money is to wait until the newest trend has sunk in a bit, and then go for it. Prices will no longer be at a premium, and you can pick décor up at reduced prices.

Beautiful dining rooms in every style


Beautiful Dining Rooms

I’ll be honest with you, it took me awhile to find even these 6 dining rooms that really knocked my socks off.  Maybe I’m just getting pickier, or maybe beautiful dining rooms are a shortage these days?  Whatever the cause, I hope you find at least one that speaks to you, and I tried to find them in a variety of decor styles.

beautiful dining rooms

I found the above dining room to be really unusual, but I thought it merited a share.  The glass table and wood chairs is a really interesting choice.  I feel like this dining room could also double as a space to be really productive if you chose to work from home.

beautiful dining rooms

I LOVE this dining room and that it is a small intimate room dedicated purely to sitting and enjoying a meal, board game, etc.

beautiful dining rooms

I’ve been seeing settees, banquette, and other comfy seating more and more, which is nice because it means families are hopefully focusing on more time gathered around the table in each other’s company.

beautiful dining rooms beautiful dining rooms

Aren’t those chairs cool?  The round table is STUNNING too.

beautiful dining rooms

What do you think of all the mixed seating?  I like dining rooms with a lot of natural light, as I need it to feel awake in the morning.

Want more?  Check out these elegant dining rooms.

All images via DecorPad

4 Intangibles That Make Your Home More Appealing


It’s easy to see a return on your investment for tangible home improvements such as painting or remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. It’s more difficult to put a value on intangible things such as lighting, mood, and use of space. However, these aspects of your home are as essential to your enjoyment, and perhaps even to resale value, as most tangible improvements. Here are four intangibles that will make your home more appealing.


mood lighting


Mood lighting is as important to your home as is functional lighting. When in the kitchen cutting vegetables for your Thai curry dinner, you need to be able to see what you’re doing and read the cookbook on the counter. But when sitting at the dining room table enjoying your freshly prepared meal with your family, you don’t need direct lighting glaring down on your dish. Think about mood versus function in your home, and do what you can to still be practical while giving your home that cozy feel. Just changing out some light bulbs to a lower wattage might help.

comfortable living room

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A consistent and natural temperature in your home is imperative to your comfort, and it’s one of those intangibles that will make a huge difference in the way your home feels. You don’t want Grandma to visit and have to bring her parka along to stay comfortable. A reliable and energy-efficient HVAC system that enables you to maintain a steady temperature and control humidity is essential to your well-being.

transitional kitchen

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Have you ever stepped into someone’s home and had your nostrils assaulted by a foul smell? Your home’s fragrance is so important that real estate agents often instruct sellers to bake cookies or light vanilla-scented candles to make their homes more appealing to potential buyers. Don’t overdo it, though. Some people are sensitive to overpowering scents, so keep it subtle.



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Good flow and use of space are other important intangibles that will make your home more appealing. For instance, no one wants to go up two flights of stairs to unload groceries. And the pantry should be in the kitchen, not in the basement. At the minimum, there should be one bathroom for every two occupants. Feng shui is also becoming a popular trend. It’s an ancient Chinese art and concept established more than 3,000 years ago. It shows people how to balance the energies and flow in any space to promote good fortune and blessings for the people living in it.

An inviting and memorable home will make you feel proud. And when visitors compliment you on your living space, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, when you spend time on the important intangibles of your home, they can actually add value. The bonus benefit to having a home that is pleasing to guests is that it’s more alluring to you, as well. So, the next time you want to spruce up your home, don’t forget to spend time on the intangibles that will make your house appealing.