And the winner of Country Living’s “Aged to Perfection” is…


Tori! Happy Friday to you! Please email me with your shipping address and I will get your book out to you asap!

Pardon my drool…but you’ll understand when you see this home office!


It’s amazing how such a functional and pretty space can be created in such a tiny nook, but below you have it. If you like this look and want to learn more, you must go to the amazing blog of the multi-talented Benita Larsson, “Chez Larsson” She has created a post on how they created the space and several update posts.

bins, boxes, baskets, bowls..whatever your preference – USE THEM. They keep clutter under control!

Sticking to a color palette also keeps your organization system looking it’s tidiest.

Jealous? I sure am! Awesome job Benita!

Rooms just bursting with Scandinavian Charm


These are Danish to be exact – and I’ll think you’ll agree that they just fill you with the warm fuzzies… enjoy!

Dreamy – what a great workspace. *sigh*

Great wallpaper – great use of black and white.

What do you think?

via Boligmagasinet

Chic, Glamorous, Gorgeous – Don’t miss these two houses


Keeping up with a blog on a daily basis is tough. But when I see pics like these – along with the amazing and kind feedback I get from readers – it keeps me motivated! Enjoy!

These images below feature the handiwork of Lee Kleinhelter from Pieces

GREAT headboard

Some must-reads from Lee

I like the contrast of the sleek white console and the rough natural texture of the cork lamps

Eames and Hermes – you can’t go wrong with two timeless classics. Notice how she painted the trim a slightly darker white than the walls?

The home below is from a Lonny Mag staff member, Ellie Somerville

Great wallpaper! Great Rothko too 🙂

A good use of space here- Ellie made a home office in her bedroom. The desk can also double as a nightstand.

via Lonny Mag

Beautiful Christmas Inspiration for a sweet holiday at home


There’s a lot of Christmas decorating inspiration out there, so I’ve tried to find some ideas that you might not have seen too much of already. Here are some things I found lovely –

The house below is decorated in whites. Even if you can’t go all out white like they have, there are still lots of ideas you can use in any home –

The above is my favorite picture. I love the branches with the stamped tags.

I ADORE this bedroom! It’s Christmas-y but remove a couple of elements and it still works day-to-day.
Country Living

A green, garden-y Christmas theme.via Southern Living

I adore these sweet ornaments – they’re so unique.
via Jayson Home & Garden