Bohemian Interiors – A perfect vibe for summer

bohemian interiors
There is something about Bohemian Interiors that just say summer to me.  It's most likely the laid-back vibe that is also akin to summer at the beach. The bright colors and natural textures say "no stuffiness here," You can also find a lot of natural textures and layering. An artistic collection adorns this book shelve without too much worry about symmetry...

Minimalist styling: Pared-down decor

minimalist styling
Maybe it's that my life is total chaos right now with a 7 month old and 3 year old, but I find myself wanting to really pare down my decor and go for a more minimalist styling on my shelves and surfaces.  I still like what I've done with all of our "stuff," ie, books, souvenirs, objects, etc., but...

Home DIY: How To Get Started

DIY wood media box
A Beginner's Guide to Woodworking Projects Items made of solid wood have an undeniable appeal. They’re solid, have a great feel and each has a unique pattern only nature could provide. The ability to find a design and make the item yourself from start to finish provides a satisfaction that can last a lifetime. Woodworking does not require a workshop...

Wallpaper and Tile?
This weekend I saw a beautiful picture of a wallpaper and tile bathroom. It was so stunning, I just sat and stared at it for a while. Initially, if I was told to put both together I would take a minute to consider other options, but seeing it with my own eyes was totally different. via apartmenttherapy It made me look around...

How to choose the best executive office desk

office desk
The reality is that many of us are often at our desk every day for our work that we do. The desk is home to our computer, our documents and other things that are pertinent to our work. Consequently, the desk constitutes the area where we spend most of our day doing our work, whether we work at a...

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