A 600 sq. ft. California Cabin Retreat


Stocked with finds from budget go-to’s like west elm and ikea, this rustic retreat was made beautiful on a modest budget. Even the cabin (it’s a rental) was found on craigslist!

The cabin was built in the 1970’s, but they’ve managed to make the wool paneling look fresh.

The chairs are by West Elm.  I have been scouring Craigslist for a similar table – I love it!



LOVE the chevron poufs – they add a punch of mod to the space.

I could read on this couch all afternoon.

Any retreat needs a well stocked bar. I am a coffee girl above a cocktail girl…so I might have a fancy coffee bar instead.

Read details about the cabin and the pics above on Country Living

Handmaid’s Tale Set


Whether or not you were a fan of Handmaid’s Tale, the use of color in both costumes and the set are amazing.  The house is perfectly on point for the show as well.  I actually wish I had been able to find better photos from the set, so if these wet your appetite I recommend watching the show just to see the home.

handmaid's tale set

The commander’s office is very masculine.

handmaid's tale set

The lighting in the set is also on point as you can see.  It’s dusky and secretive.  Furnishings are traditional which also speak to a major theme of the show.

handmaid's tale set

The wives wear teal and that is really the only pop of color you see used in the commander’s home.

handmaid's tale set

Another shot of the commander’s office.

handmaid's tale set

The kitchen and dining room are my favorite areas of the home, and probably the rooms you see the most of.

handmaid's tale set

I wish I could have found better images of the kitchen for you.  The exposed brick is homey but it also has a slightly industrial feel.

handmaid's tale set

These last two images are the commander’s office again.

handmaid's tale set

Are you a fan of the show?  What do you think of the set?

Rustic minimal kitchens


Rustic Minimal from deVOL

Rustic minimal is a blend that speaks to my heart.  I was born and raised in the country so I have a deep affection for rustic style, and I hate visual clutter, so minimalism and clean lines makes my heart skip a beat.  This is why some of my favorite kitchens and cabinetry come from deVOL.  I was lucky enough to get an email from the awesome folks at deVOL sharing pictures of their beautiful headquarters.

rustic minimal

As you can see their designs also pay homage to true shaker style – thoughtfully made with attention paid to form and proportion – NOT to ornamentation.

rustic minimal rustic minimal

The amazing spaces above are all in their headquarters:

“You may have heard of Cotes Mill, a fabulous 16th century water mill that deVOL now calls home, but when you visit our headquarters in Leicestershire, you can expect to be a little surprised by the diversity of what you find. We have lots of beautiful furniture on display from our four kitchen ranges, but there is so much more. We always want to give our customers something special and once we moved to Cotes Mill we had the space to do a lot more than just make kitchens.

From our selection of unique gifts and antiques from all over the world to our workshops and design studios to the incredible wildlife you meet wandering around our 12 acres of breathtaking meadows and river banks. Cotes Mill has become an extraordinary place both inside and out and a must-visit for anyone looking for more than just a kitchen showroom.”  – deVOL team
Being that I live in DC, I don’t see my self going to Leicestershire anytime soon, but when I finally get to the UK I will try to make visiting it a priority!
rustic minimal rustic minimal rustic minimal rustic minimal
So, what do you think of deVOL’s headquarters?

Functional Yet Decorative Essentials for Your Home


There are places in the home that are thought of as mainly functional but are also a chance to add some decorative touches to your living space. Windows and storage areas become empty canvases for window treatments, cabinetry, and creative storage solutions. Here are a few ways that these parts of your home can become part of your overall decorating scheme.

What To Do With the Windows?

Window treatments are a functional necessity to keep out light, create privacy, and block either heat or cold from entering through the glass. They are also a decorative accessory that can anchor a room’s look, or throw it into chaos. If you want to channel a rustic farmhouse vibe in your family room, a sleek and tailored mini-blind and drape combo would look out of place.

The type of window treatment you choose can also influence its functional uses. For example, if you are looking for insulation and light blocking properties from your window treatment, you do not want to choose sheer drapes.

decorative essentials

Think about what you want to achieve with your window covering before you consider its desired style. Drapes are a versatile category of window covering that can be made sheer for light filtering purposes and a small amount of privacy or can be insulated to block out light, heat, or cold.

Blinds and shutters are a good choice for their adjustability. If you would like to customize your window coverage depending on the time of day or the season, then these options are good choices with many style variations. Depending on the color and style of shutters, for example, they can be at home in a traditionally-styled den or in a shabby-chic living room.

How Cabinets Can Anchor a Room

Cabinets can be simple embellishments for your kitchen’s overall décor while doing the heavy work of housing all of your cookware and serving dishes. Since the majority of kitchen walls are filled with cabinetry, it makes sense to choose carefully when you are planning your cabinet décor.

decorative essentials

When you are thinking about what your new cabinets should look like, you will need to plan what style of doors you want, what type of wood you want your doors to be made of, and if you want your cabinets to be painted or stained a certain color.

decorative essentials

For a contemporary style cabinet, you may want a solid painted finish with pared-down brushed metal handles. The great amount of design latitude with a transitional style cabinet means you will have tons of choices of suitable wood and door style choices.

Another option for cabinetry is to highlight the grain and color of a wood such as oak or cherry and have a light stain applied it to let its natural beauty shine. Bevels and sections in a cabinet can be a customized way to enhance a kitchen’s style from Mediterranean-inspired to a rustic New England vibe.

Closets Are for Having Fun

Even closets can be a supporting player in supporting the overall look of your home. Think of the closet door as a place to further your room’s décor theme, and the inside of the closet to take some creative chances in color and design. If you have the room in a walk-in closet, hang up some cherished momentoes such as small framed photos that make you feel good every time you see them. This way, you will have an instant pick-me-up each morning when you get dressed.

decorative essentials

By recognizing that even the functional things in your home have design potential, you will be well on your way to creating unified approaches to decorating in your home. If you thoroughly plan your approach, your efforts will result in a lovely home atmosphere for you to enjoy.

decorative essentials

5 Tips for Buying Home Renovation Materials


Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility. If something happens or there’s a disaster, it falls squarely on the homeowner to take care of it. On the other hand, being a homeowner means you get to decide if you want to do renovations, which can be a really exciting experience.

Obviously, some renovations are strictly aesthetic but others (such as roof repair, security system installations, etc.) can improve your residence and low the cost of your homeowners insurance. Whether this is the first of your renovations or you’ve done this a hundred times before, here are some helpful tips for buying renovation materials and getting your home project done within budget.

remodeling tipsAvoid trendy styles to get cheaper materials. If there’s a style that seems to be everywhere when you’re making plans for renovations, you might start thinking it looks amazing. Until you see some of the price tags. Of course, the hottest options are going to be a bit pricier, not to mention you might end up with a new kitchen or bathroom that looks dated in five years. Staying away from styles seen as trendy is not only a good way to save money, it can keep your renovation project looking classic.

remodeling tipsShop small, buy big. Smaller stores can offer discounts that larger corporate stores can’t. It pays to shop around and see what’s out there instead of just going to the closest ‘big box’ store. If you’re going to buy a lot of material at an independently owned store, you may be able to build a relationship with the owner and receive a discount. Buying in bulk also keeps your costs low and is an easy way to get a few dollars shaved off an order.

remodeling tipsLook for materials at various suppliers. This doesn’t mean just looking through Lowes then going to Home Depot. There are a lot of different places to find discounted or gently used materials for your home renovation projects. Sites like PlanetReuse or The Habitat for Humanity Restore are great resources for wood, fixtures, even furniture. Make sure you’re still buying from a reputable source and know what to look for in regards to damage or use.

remodeling tipsAsk any question you can. Doing your own renovations can be really exciting but you want to make sure you know you’re doing it correctly. A mistake during renovations can lead to a bigger problem down the line and before you know it, you’re troubleshooting a problem that didn’t need to happen. If you’re unsure about something, ask a pro. If you’re still unsure after that, hire a pro. Using a contractor for jobs that might be riskier or have the potential to be a disaster if gone wrong can save you money in the long run. You might need a contractor for every little thing but if you don’t feel absolutely positive about what you’re doing, ask questions and hire help.

remodeling tipsGet packaged deals. Buying a lot or most of what you need from one vendor can help cut costs too. Getting most of your materials in a large order often results in discounts being offered, especially at independent retailers. Independent retailers like to retain customers with exceptional service and if you’re a customer who is spending a lot of money and doing a big project, a store owner can offer you a discount to help you out and keep you happy.

Projects of any size can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Saving money on supplies or by doing your own labor keeps some cash in your pocket for the next project because you know there’s always going to be a next project. Just remember to ask questions, look for deals, and to buy quality material that will last. Make your home yours and do it right!