Feminine style: Stephanie Bradshaw’s gorgeous apartment


Feminine Style

I love this girl’s style, I did a post on her office space awhile back.  You can see it here: gorgeous home offices.  So, it’s no surprise that her home was just as beautiful.  I am a sucker for feminine style.  Soft colors, lush textures and attention to the tiniest details for me make create an environment where one feels comfortable and pampered.

Check it out







Love the sunroom type space she has going on…






What do you think?

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Pantry Inspiration: beautifully organized pantries


Pantry Inspiration

A beautifully outfitted and organized pantry is something every busy man, woman, and/or child should have. Ample shelves, bins, and drawers are a must.  Ours, unfortunately, leaves a lot to be desired. Our pantry is a lower corner cabinet with a lazy susan. Crouching down to find things can be a hassle, especially at 7 months pregnant.  Below I’ve found pantry inspiration examples of what I would build if I had free reign to create my dream pantry.

pantry inspiration

Wowsa.  Space for small appliances, cookbooks, everything within a glance.  I would be happy here. Very happy.

via Apartment Therapy

pantry inspiration

I am a sucker for matching canisters and “logo-less” living.

via Arianna Belle

pantry inspiration

This pantry even provides space for special dishes.

via Home Bunch

pantry inspiration

More canister inspiration.  I do have a lot of my dry goods in glass canisters, but they have to live on the counter for lack of cabinet space.

pantry inspiration

This pantry is a stunner – simply put.  Looks like it’s dedicated purely to small kitchen appliances…

pantry inspiration

Not really a pantry but I thought this open cabinet display was too pretty to leave out.

pantry inspiration

4 images above via Lonny

Super love this.  This pantry is designed to look more like a gourmet grocer than a space in someone’s home, and you get to show off your pretty cookbooks.

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Easy on the pocket DIY wall décor ideas


When it comes to decorating apartment walls, ideas tend to flow but not every time are these ideas successfully implemented. This is because what you have in mind might have a hefty cost attached to it. However, decoration is not always about going out of the way to purchase the best. There are amazing ways to decorate which are both creative and easy on the pocket. So let’s get started with some of these extraordinary DIY wall décor projects.

framed fabric

via Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

fabric wall

Using fabric to decorate walls

This can be used in the kitchens and if used correctly, they can go really well with Black Stainless Steel Appliances. You can easily get fabrics with floral patterns or even geometric prints easily from the market. Such things are also easily procured from the market at cheap rates. Its very easy to install and adorn your walls. All you have to do is cut the fabric in square or round shapes and have them framed and hung from the wall. You can also attach them to the smooth side of a cardboard and past them on the wall, if you choose to. This DIY home décor idea is easy, economical and colourful.

vintage frames

via Boho Weddings & Life

vintage frames

Wall décor with vintage frames

The best way to personalise a living space is to adorn it with pictures that bring back sweet memories. Such memories look even better if framed in classic frames. Framing old and memorable pictures using antique frames will give an elegant touch to your walls. Also, they add a bit of a drama to the contemporary outlook of your living room. You can find many old vintage frames in the market at cheap rates. All you need to do is to install a picture that you love the most and hang it to the main wall of your room. Trust me; you will love every bit of it.


DIY shelves

via  caroline | burkatron DIY

DIY shelves

DIY shelves

Have you ever imagined making an invisible bookshelf where books just seem to float in mid-air with literally no supports? Well, now you can create one easily! All you need is two sets of metal brackets, a drilling machine and a couple of old books. If your old books are heavy, try going for metal brackets that are made of sturdier material. Start by drilling holes into the wall and place one bracket on the top of the wall and one on the lower end and then slide in the book between the brackets. This will ensure that the book is balanced. Once you are done, you can place lightweight objects such as vase, small photo frames or other books as well on the shelves.

Well, these were the top three ideas, we chose to present to you this week. We hope you like them. If you need further details you can always contact us via email. If you are fascinated and willing to try out these amazing DIY ideas, then wait no further. Go ahead and make your walls stand out in a creative and interesting way!

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Liveable Interiors: The easy style of interior designer Sasha Emerson


Liveable Interiors

Interior designer Sasha Emerson adds an undeniable sense of ease and comfort to her liveable interiors. They all have a quality of warmth and family, and with character to boot! The four below showcase the home of Emerson herself.  You can see and read the entire article at Country Living.

Love the gray of the walls with the tan console and headboard.



Below are some of my favorite spaces from her website.




What do you think of Emerson’s style?

Utilizing space: Extra space worth using!


Utilizing Space

I love natural light in a home and tall ceilings can add to that by making a room feel large and bright. A great way to add some of that in a smaller home is doing a loft conversion. Opening up an attic and using that space can really add a lot to a home.

That extra space could go towards adding more square footage and creating a room in the attic! With a nice sky light window you can open up a small space with gorgeous natural light.

Using the natural shape of the extra space can create some stunning designs. Some people are nervous about loft conversions but using a specialist can make this transformation easy with as little disruption as possible.

Some spaces are large enough to convert into an entire loft apartment. Using a wall of windows really makes this space feel more like a getaway than an attic!

Another option would be to just open up the space. This kitchen hardly feels small with the tall ceilings and windows.