Pantry Inspiration: beautifully organized pantries


Pantry Inspiration

A beautifully outfitted and organized pantry is something every busy man, woman, and/or child should have. Ample shelves, bins, and drawers are a must.  Ours, unfortunately, leaves a lot to be desired. Our pantry is a lower corner cabinet with a lazy susan. Crouching down to find things can be a hassle, especially at 7 months pregnant.  Below I’ve found pantry inspiration examples of what I would build if I had free reign to create my dream pantry.

pantry inspiration

Wowsa.  Space for small appliances, cookbooks, everything within a glance.  I would be happy here. Very happy.

via Apartment Therapy

pantry inspiration

I am a sucker for matching canisters and “logo-less” living.

via Arianna Belle

pantry inspiration

This pantry even provides space for special dishes.

via Home Bunch

pantry inspiration

More canister inspiration.  I do have a lot of my dry goods in glass canisters, but they have to live on the counter for lack of cabinet space.

pantry inspiration

This pantry is a stunner – simply put.  Looks like it’s dedicated purely to small kitchen appliances…

pantry inspiration

Not really a pantry but I thought this open cabinet display was too pretty to leave out.

pantry inspiration

4 images above via Lonny

Super love this.  This pantry is designed to look more like a gourmet grocer than a space in someone’s home, and you get to show off your pretty cookbooks.

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