Utilizing space: Extra space worth using!


Utilizing Space

I love natural light in a home and tall ceilings can add to that by making a room feel large and bright. A great way to add some of that in a smaller home is doing a loft conversion. Opening up an attic and using that space can really add a lot to a home.

That extra space could go towards adding more square footage and creating a room in the attic! With a nice sky light window you can open up a small space with gorgeous natural light.

Using the natural shape of the extra space can create some stunning designs. Some people are nervous about loft conversions but using a specialist can make this transformation easy with as little disruption as possible.

Some spaces are large enough to convert into an entire loft apartment. Using a wall of windows really makes this space feel more like a getaway than an attic!

Another option would be to just open up the space. This kitchen hardly feels small with the tall ceilings and windows.